21 Funny Cats Talking Like Humans
21 Funny Cats Talking Like Humans

21 Funny Cats Talking Like Humans

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21 Funny Cats Talking Like Humans
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Listen up human beings, we're over this drycat food bulls*it! We want the good stuff.

Ok yeah corns good, yeah I like mmmm.

No cornfor me? Then I don't want to live.

Acoustic guitar? Oh my god I'm going to sleep.

I justwant to party! Do your moonwalk Joe.

Billie Jean is not my lover.

Ugh god what are thesearms, what do you have me in a death grip? You want us to be cute? Then pay us.

I'm serious,I'm not getting out of bed until you put a twenty on the dresser.

How the hell am I supposedto get that? Oh sh*t! My paw my paw my paw! Seriously a cat leash? Ok your dogs will walkfor you.

Ya dumb dog, dumb dog you're so dumb.

You dumb dog, yeah you'll walk for peoplewon't you.

Because our demands have not been met we're leaving the planet, ok.

Say goodbyeto.

Ohh why are we slowing down? This wasn't supposed to happen.

The manual didn't sayanything about this.

We've got to find a way to get out! Gotta be a way! Must find a way!Get out of my way idiot.

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