4 Ways to Tell Your Cat
4 Ways To Tell Your Cat

4 Ways to Tell Your Cat

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4 Ways to Tell Your Cat
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Team Cat Mojo– it's in the air.

Love is in the air.

It's Valentine's Day.

That's right.

It is a perfect time to learnabout the cat I love you.

Are you guys readyto get catified? Oh yeah.

Let's go.

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, y'all.

It is time to learnabout the cat I love you.

What is the cat I love you, youask yourself, or you ask me.

If you've watched "My Catfrom Hell," even that all, you've probably seen mewalking around talking to cats by blinking atthem, the slow blink, right.

Believe me, I know awhole lot of people know about this now becauseyou walk up to me in the street and you blink at me.

Which is weird,but totally cool.

Because the conceptis everyone's getting to know thelanguage of cats.

Way back in the'90s, early '90s, I was learning howto be a cat boy.

I was working atan animal shelter.

And I learned thatcats liked me.

I was so obsessedwith these guys and obsessed with learningabout their world.

So I started reading.

And one of the books that jumpedout at me in the beginning, made me feel like, hey, theremight be a community of people who think like me,or who are obsessed the way I am, and this womanright here led the way.

Her name is Anitra Frazier.

This is actuallymy copy of the book that I got back the early '90s.

Go figure.

In this book I was readingabout the cat I love you.

And basically she was talkingabout how she learned this by walking down the streets inthe Upper West Side of New York and just looking in thewindows of the brownstones and seeing cats inthere and noticing that they were blinking.

What is that, she wondered.

So she would blink back at them.

And suddenly therewas a language between Anitra and these cats.

And that becamethe cat I love you.

They're letting you know thatthey are vulnerable to you.

These are preyanimals, animals that sleep with one eye open,almost literally, cat napping.

Because they don't want tobe preyed upon in the wild.

So the concept of closing theireyes to you in a slow way– not something that they woulddo very willingly unless they're trying to tell you something.

In the spirit ofValentine's Day now I'm going to teach you howto do the cat I love you.

If you stare at people theytend not to trust you very much, you know? So if you're doing– we'regoing to lose our glasses now.

When you do this, stare.

Now I'm even– let's removemy facial expressions.

Not very inviting.

So the secret is torelax, relax your face.

So do this with me–a little scrunch up, a little Gilbert Gottfried here.

And then release it.

Now you got it.

Now we're softening our eyes.

This is the way that we want toapproach a cat, with soft eyes.

We're not staring at them.

So let's take itto the next step.

When you look you soften, andthen behind your vocal box– don't use your words,just think them.

I'm not speaking right now.

I'm thinking.

You're hearing myinside voice right now.

I love you.

One more time.

Take your time with that.

That's kind of key.

When your cat doesthat to you, remember– they are showingvulnerability, in which case we're not just goingI love you– oh, what? I love you– oh,are you still there? You know what I'm saying? That shows lack of trust.

Trust is really closingyour eyes to the world.

Practice that with your cat.

What about the cat Ilove you how ya doin'? When you walk into a roomand your cat sees you, tell me your cat doesn't doyeah, yeah, how ya doin'? I just did it.

So let's incorporate the catI love you with the how ya doin', which is the cat I loveyou how ya doin', originally enough.

So you go– Try it! I'm telling you, youfeel stupid doing it.

But try it, all right? Now let's try the bow.

And the bow is you're literallyjust bowing to your cat.

But you don't necessarilyhave to go all the way down.

And in the same way, you don'thave to do the all the way blink.

The I love you bow is like this.

It's almost as if in the back ofyour head you're saying, yeah, I love you.


Let me teach you aboutthe 3-step handshake.

The 3-step handshakeis using the cat I love you in successionwith some other things.

People are always wonderingwhy they can't pet a cat.

Because you didn'task permission.

That's why.

This is how you ask permission,the three-step handshake.

First we're goingto try the blink.

Yeah, throw in a how yadoin', throw in the bow, OK.

Next thing you do is you presentsomething with your scent on it for them to explore.

Often I will use these bad boys.

Step three finallyof the handshake, the real how ya doin', isoffering your hand to your cat.

Now the thing thatI will always do is extend my hand ina very relaxed way.

I'll treat thisfinger like a nose, because cats oftenwill nose to nose.

There's my nose.

I'll present to them.

And often what theywill do once they trust you is allowthem to pet you.

They will then push theirnose up, towards the third eye here, and down.

These are universalsigns that your cat has fed you over and over again.

And if you just use them up alittle bit, don't feel silly.

I mean literally, we're behindclosed doors here, just you and me in the cat cave.

Try it.

And try it with your cat.

Of course that's homework.

Go and try the cat Ilove you with your cat.

A true expression of yourlove for a cat is saying, I will communicateon your terms.

The cat I love you,the 3-step handshake, the how ya doin', thebow, the finger nose– all those things are goingto their side of the fence.

And let me know about it.

Write some commentsright down here.

Subscribe to thischannel, by the way.

Write to me on Facebookand Twitter and Instagram.

Show me some videos, man.

Show me some videos,and pictures, of you doing the cat I loveyou, or your cat doing it back to you, or doing the how yadoin' or the finger nose.

I would love to seeall those things.

I mean, honestly, if you wantto do a great Valentine's Day thing for the CatDaddy, show me some of that stuff withyou and your cats.

Videos man, I love that stuff.

Some pictures on Instagram–I love that stuff.

Please bring it on.

I want to tell youone more thing.

I want you to lookat this right here.

Cats are cool.

People we all knew that, right? Go to catsrcool.

Organd you can find out some more about thisvery interesting program.

Speaking of Cats RCool, Cats R Cool sponsors me and my tour,the Cats Uncaged tour.

And it's coming tosome places near you, not so far off in the future.

If you want to find out moreabout it, go to my website.

Sign up for the newsletter.

Check it out right hereon the Animalist Network, and on YouTube.

And you will findout when I will be traveling with CatsUncaged at a shelter near you, in a town near you, underthe Cats R Cool banner.

So folks, happyValentine's Day to you.

Go and spread that love.

Go blink a little bit.

Go do the how ya doin'.

Let me see it fromyou and your cat.

In the meantime, I haveno way of expressing how big my heart isfor team Cat Mojo.

You people have beencoming out in force, letting me know how youfeel about Cat Mojo.

And I'm pretty psyched about it.

Until next time, alllight, all love, all mojo.

[KISSES] Love you.


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