5 Tips on Taking Your Cat to the Vet! How To Make a Vet’s Visit Fear Free For You and Your Cat!
5 Tips On Taking Your Cat To The Vet How To Make A Vets Visit Fear Free For You And Your Cat

5 Tips on Taking Your Cat to the Vet! How To Make a Vet’s Visit Fear Free For You and Your Cat!

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5 Tips on Taking Your Cat to the Vet! How To Make a Vet’s Visit Fear Free For You and Your Cat!
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Hi guys! So today I will be taking Ragsie to the vet's Not to worry though it's not foranything serious and I'm just going to get her claws clipped – she is a massive diva and won't let me do it but it got me thinking about how I make that any visit to the vet with Ragsy is stress free for both her and me Now I have five easy tips to make avisit to vets as stress-free as possible for your cat The first one is to get nocat familiar than the carrier that you're going to take them in to the vet's with now this can be done in various ways and you can either have a carrier that's lying around the house as an extra napping option or you could do what I do which is for a few days before the appointment I just have the carrier around sort ofwhere Ragsy frequents so it's been next to her food bowl and it's been not nextto but near her litter tray and it's also just been around where she likes tosit and sleep and she's quite familiar with it now and isn't scared of it she getsa bit nervous when they get out first but then she familiarizes herself with it abit and she's fine Second one is to plan your journey well.

Now with Ragsy I'm actually very lucky because the vet's a very short walk just down the road from where we live so I walk with it with the carrier but a lot of people travel withtheir cats in the car now a car can be quite a scary place for a cat as of it'sunfamiliar and can be quite loud so if you are travelling with your cat in the cartry traveling at a quiet time the day so less traffic If that isn't possible agood idea is to get your cat familiar with the car so let them have a sniff around anda bit of a robin – explore a bit either a few days before the vets visit or just periodically so when you're cleaning out your car let your cat just have a bit of an explore Now when actually traveling with your cat make sure thatif you have music or radio on that it isn't on loud and if you can travel with another person who can sit with your cat and just reassure them and petthem in the back of the car When I walk with Ragsy I try to go at quiet times in theday but if that's not possible I take a a really quiet read which is down sort ofback streets and away from the main road and away from schools If you are traveling with your cat in a car as well you can also try playing oneof our relax my cat relaxing tracks We have an anti-stress track and once specifically for the vets give it a gp Third one is less stress waiting! Nowone of those stressful parts where going to the vet is going to be in the waiting roomespecially if there are other animals and specially if there's dogs.

This is an unfamiliar place to your cat and there's lots of scary noises andsmells so as much as you would love to get your cat out of the carrier and give them a cuddle the most important thing to remember is to leave them in the carrier.

This will help them feel alittle bit more secure and a bit more safe Now you can try it covering the carrier with a towel or blanket from home and not only will this help yourcat feel a bit more secure and safe but the smell that will be developed in thecarrier will help them to feel just a little bit more relaxed I also use a feline pheromone spray with Rags and her carrier I just give a quick sprayjust before she goes in.

This is a synthetic feline pheromone that reinforces an atmosphere of calm and familiarity I use this when Rags gets particularly stressed when we have family around it's just a really nice way to keep your cat nice and calm The fourth one is soothing tones Now there's no getting away from the fact that if you're taking your cat to the vet they are going to get poked and prodded and probably notgoing to be very comfortable so a great thing to do is while they're on theveterinary table is to sort of give them a bit of attention rub them slightly, given them a fuss and talk to them in like soothing encouraging tones This will just help a reinforce the safety with you and your voice cats pick up from ourenergies so if we're feeling stressed or anxioustheir going to feel that Another great way to do this is if youdo have a towel or blanket from home maybe let them sit or stand on it while on the veterinary table and it smell is really important to cats when it comes to securityand then familiarity so if they are in these unfamiliar surroundings but have the smell of their home it might help them feel just a little more calmer and fifth one is – overnight stress now if your cat is staying overnight thatcan be stressful for both you and your cat You have to remember to leave something with you cat that is familiar and something from your home This can be a cushion, a blanket or a toy or it can be all three depending on what your cat finds the most relaxing and the most familiar Thanks for watching guys Ireally hope you find these tips useful if you do have any extra and stress freeveterinary tips for your cat please feel free to share them in the commentsection below and who knows, Rags might see one that she really really likes andyou might win a relax my cat t-shirt! Thanks for watching guys! If you did like it please give us a big thumbs up and if you haven't done so already hit the big redbutton to subscribe thanks guys me and Rags will see you next week and I think she knows she's going to the vets because she's staring at me with a very suspicious look.

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