75 Brain Facts And Some Myths Debunked By Clover The Clever Cat


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Hey Welcome back.

If your new, I’m Clover a very curious andclever cat.

That being the case, I got curious about whatmakes human brains so great so today, I’m going to share 75 freakishly curious factsabout the human brain you might wish you hadn’t learned.

Lets start with development.

A big myth is that your brain finished developingwhen you’re a teenager.

That’s not true.

Your brain will continue to develop well intoyour forties! See, a new brain connection is made everysingle time you form a new memory and making those memories actually changes the structureof your brain so a goal in life should be to keep learning – constantly.

The average human ahs about seventy thousandthoughts a day.

Imagine if you upped that number to one hundredthousand! The human brain has about one hundred billionneurons – that’s more than the number of stars in the milky way! Even more amazing, those neurons have theability to send information at more than one hundred and fifty miles per hour! In order to do all its hard work, the brainactually uses about twenty percent of the total oxygen and blood available in your wholebody.

That’s the reason that a brain cannot gowithout oxygen for longer than five or ten minutes without suffering serous damage.

So… keep taking deep, clean breaths to keepyour brain healthy.

To illustrate just how important the brainis – about half of your genes work only to describe your brain and the other halfhas to take care of the other ninety eight percent of your body.

You should also wash your hands and stay awayfrom germs too because there is actually a virus out there that can attack your DNA andliterally make you less intelligent and capable of learning new things.

Don’t worry though, sometimes forgettingis good for the brain.

Forgetting is sort of like deleting unnecessaryinformation on your computer – getting rid of the junk keeps everything running smoothly.

The human brain is incredibly powerful andwhen your awake, scientists believe your brain produces enough power to light up a smalllight bulb.

That would be so cool.

If you had a light bulb right in the middleof your forehead then you could see at night too.

While scientists think that by 2023 an averagethousand dollar laptop might be as fast as the human brain, you shouldn’t depend onthat development since in 2015 the 4th most powerful supercomputer in the world took afull forty minutes to do what a brain does in just one second.

Curiously, for all its power, the human brainhas the consistency of tofu.

Since the brain weighs about three poundsthat means you carry around the equivalent of a three pound blob of tofu all day everyday.

If you’ve had tofu, you know just how ickythat is.

Even worse – the brain is about seventyfive percent water so its juicy tofu.

Interestingly, tofu is rather bland yet thebrain has taste receptors.

Since there’s not much else up there withthe brain, do you suppose it tastes itself? Probably not though since, good news for junkfood junkies, the brain is powered mostly by sugar that comes from the food you eat.

In fact, the brain uses about twenty percentof the bodies energy and burns around a calorie every five minutes when its resting so nexttime you want a sweet treat, say your brain needs fuel.

If that doesn’t get you a big snack, offerto work out in trade.

Exercise actually makes your body producea chemical that improves brain function and learning.

It is important that you keep working on brainhealth though because studies show that human brains are shrinking! For real, the human brain is about ten percentsmaller than it was twenty thousand years ago.

Since humans spend about thirteen percentof their lives not focusing on anything in particular, you could spend that time stretchingyour brain and maybe reverse the shrinkage.

To give you goals, researchers believe thattaking tests actually improves brain recall, they claim you can only hold about seven itemsin your brain for about twenty to thirty seconds at a time.

This capacity can be stretched by using memorystrategies so get to work.

Don’t worry about brain strain either.

Even though the brain has billions of neurons,it can’t feel pain at all.

It can, however, get excited by certain things.

Smell is one.

The olfactory nerve, or smelling nerve, islocated close to the part of your brain that experiences emotion so smelling might helpyour memory too.

In fact, if you are too keyed up, sniff somechocolate.

Apparently the aroma will increase theta brainwaves and make you feel more relaxed.

Music is good for the brain too.

It triggers the same brain structure thatreleases the pleasure chemicals so you’ll feel better if you jam out.

Believe it or not, school is also a greatway to keep your brain young.

Brain age, which is different than human years,decreases by nearly a year of every year of education Of course it decreases by more than half ayear for every flight of stairs you climb each day too but don’t try to study andclimb stairs at the same time.

That’s dangerous.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation is really,really bad for you.

That’s why I cat nap so often.

See, if you don’t get enough sleep yourreactions will be slower and you’re judgment will actually get worse.

If you can’t nap, try meditation or a naturewalk because studies show these serve to increase productivity, encourage creativity and renewyour ability to pay attention.

Power is also not great for you.

Its been proven that even a little bit ofpower changes the way your brain works and makes you less caring about other people.

Of course, brain parasites can do that too.

Well, sort of.

Scientists think they’ve discovered a brainparasite that could literally turn humans into zombies.

Can you say zombie apocalypse? Don’t think that they kind of brain youhave will protect you either.

While male brains are a little larger thanfemales, there is no such thing as a male or female brain – everyone has the samehodge podge of male and female features.

There’s also no such thing as the left brain– right brain divide.

That’s a myth.

Both sides actually cooperate quite well withone another.

I will leave you with a though to ponder – thehuman brain actually named itself and how curious is that? Now click subscribe because the human brainhas enough memory to store about three million hours worth of videos and you haven’t watchednearly that many yet.

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