A new cat in the home – Snow Bengal kitten Hot Rocket
A New Cat In The Home Snow Bengal Kitten Hot Rocket

A new cat in the home – Snow Bengal kitten Hot Rocket

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A new cat in the home – Snow Bengal kitten Hot Rocket
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Rocket" Rocket was born 21st March 2014 and we paid him a visit in August when he was 5 months old.

He was tiny, pure white and had not been snapped up since being available at 3 months old.

I knew I wanted a blue-eyed boy and he seemed the perfect candidate.

The fact that he came from a long line of show-winning pedigree cats made it all the more interesting.

The official colour name is seal spotted lynx point, with the blue eyes.

It takes a good few months before the markings appear on him.

As you can see his parents are both brown.

One rosetted and the other marbled.

Working out gene combinations can be complicated but basically if both of the parents are carrying the correct gene for the kitten- Then there is roughly a one-in-four chance that the kitten will be white.

As you can see from the first minute of this video, Rocket was carefully exploring his new environment and we made sure the room was shut to Pixel & Sushi- during this first week, just to allow him to settle in.

Where you going? We introduced him carefully to his food, his bed & litter tray and then gradually allowed him to explore other areas on his own- before allowing the girls to explore his area, while he was elsewhere.

By mingling bedding & other items the existing cats can get used to the new recruit and this will help reduce stress.

It doesnt take very long before he is willing to become more active and happy to play.

You're not taking it away? Unfortunately it would appear that one day he probably took a swipe from Sushi and ended up with an infection and a swollen neck.

That day he did not want to be near anybody so not the best of starts in his new home but thankfully that was the only time this happened.

In fact Rocket never had any confidence problems and it's hard to imagine this is the same cat we now know.

He's the largest of our 3, weighing 5.

5kg and we call him the parkour kitty because he pretty much jumps up on everything.

His acrobatics are a sight to behold and I really want to capture him with a slow-motion camera in the coming months.