Bengal cat behaviour – Subtle changes Part 8
Bengal Cat Behaviour Subtle Changes Part 8

Bengal cat behaviour – Subtle changes Part 8

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Bengal cat behaviour – Subtle changes Part 8
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Heyy Catfans!Today I wanted to show you some footage I managed to catch of a subtle interaction betweenTeego and Chatzi Chatzi joined Teego on the table, but Teegofeels pressured and walks off with his now famous slow motion walk.

But there's more to these interactions thanmeets the eye with a first glance.

First, Teego's tail flicks – that'sclassic behavior for tension.

But look at their postures, Chatzi is face on, he'sthe aggressor, coiled and ready to attack.

Teego is side on, ready to stand up and makehimself look as big as possible.

It's also half way to turning around, and protectinghis face, with its delicate eyes, nose and ears You'll see the same in this next clip.

Chatziis bored, and just wants to play, but the same posture is there for both cats.

Teegodoesn't walk away this time, so Chatzi pushes it a bit further.

A tomcat will bite the neck of a mate to assertdominance, so Chatzi couldn't really be more insulting! And of course it gets thedesired reaction from Teego! One of us moves and it distracts the two – Anotherclue that it's only boisterous play going on here but Teego takes it as an opportunityto sidle backwards and get away from Chatzi.

Chatzi's still interested in case someone'sgoing to the kitchen or something food related! Another day, and another almost identicalinteraction.

Teego starts to walk away and Chatzi goes for the neck again.

Teego makesa move that any Judo champion would be proud of.

He gets clear, and finds some high ground- always an advantage.

Chatzi can't do anything from down there! He walks away andlets out a meow of frustration.

Another time, Teego's got a new idea.

Ifhe's under the coffee Table, Chatzi won't be able to jump on his back, so he feels safe.

He's actually got a prime launch position for a return attack, but he quickly returnsto his haven afterwards! Actually when he moves suddenly to have alick, it startles Chatzi – expecting another attack! Notice the roles have reversed? Chatziis submissively sideways and Teego is now in position to attack.

Chatzi does a bit ofa nervous walk away! Can you see his slightly spiky ridge on his back? Cats do that to again,make themselves look bigger Just to prove that it's not all stress anddominance games in our household, the boys stop playing to have some mutual licking andsnuzzling.

It's all very loving and calm, but don't forget, Chatzi IS a bouncing Bengal,so you can never turn your back fully with him Teego moves to walk away, and just spots some suspicious body language from Chatzi.

He sidestepsa nip, and looks back to say – did you just do that???? He continues to a safe place underthe table, but Chatzi still wants to play.

But Teego really has the upper hand today,and bats him off and Chatzi gives up.

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