Bengal cats in slow motion – wrestling acrobatics (HD)
Bengal Cats In Slow Motion Wrestling Acrobatics Hd

Bengal cats in slow motion – wrestling acrobatics (HD)

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Bengal cats in slow motion – wrestling acrobatics (HD)
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OK, hi everyone it's Hot Rocket Bengal Cats with another short video.

This one is slow motion using our new camcorder.

This is Pixel & Sushi or Pickle & Soupie as they are alternatively known, having a slow wrestling battle.

You spot things on slomo that you don't normally get to see as its over so quickly.

I'm joined by Erin, my daughter today.

So here we go – Pickle is "I'm not doing anything I'm just wandering around" But she's clearly aware that something is about to happen and you can see that Soupie is watching, pretending that she's not interested.

But there we go.

straight in using me for comfort as usual.

Let's swivel around and you're going to see a bit of into the plasterboard action.

Actually made quite a bang! Smack to the head! In for the neck.

Hi Pickle! We're filming you, ignore me.

Hiya! Hello 🙂 Pixel is quite casual about this affair.

Sushi seems to be paying more attention, although she's doing that 'I'm not really watching you' thing.

You can see they don't really make eye contact.

'I'm just minding my own business.

except when I'm going in to attack you!' Ear bite.

10 points for that one.

I don't think Soupie liked that very much.

They're signalling that it's business as this is where Pickle's ears go back a bit more and it becomes a bit more serious.

Flat ears yeah.

digging in with her back legs.

Ah that's another ear bite, didn't see that one.

This is where Soupie likes rotating around and flopping about.

Here we go, she's like a beached whale on this one.

Pickle's probably not very happy that she's just put her full weight.

oh there's a little huff! Little huffs and nods going on.

You see Pickle do that again in a second.

A bit of fluff going around there.

Look at that pose! Who's the boss? Bit of lip licking so she's obviously not quite comfortable.

Here we go you might see Pickle do a bit of a huff in a second.


I think that is probably the end of it.


but we're done.

No harm done here.

Then off to bed, probably, to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.