Big Cats Diary
Big Cats Diary

Big Cats Diary

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Big Cats Diary
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Big Cats Diary

NARRATOR: Thepride’s young males are in the greatest danger.

gang view them as athreat and hunt them down.

[music playing] Mara also fled in thebattle but as a lioness, is in less danger.

For the first time inher life, she is alone.

She has lost everything.

Kali’s gang drive outMara’s young male cousins, banishing them from thepride lands forever.

And there is onlyone escape route– across the river.

The river has swollen,but the young males have no choice but to cross.

And now the crocodileshave the advantage.

The youngsters knowwhat lurks just beneath, but they fear Kali morethan they fear crocodiles.

The current drags themdown to deeper water.

They are in over theirheads in every sense.

They’ve escaped, but just bythe skin of crocodiles’ teeth.