Cat attack: 22 pound Himalayan cat holds a US family hostage
Cat Attack 22 Pound Himalayan Cat Holds A Us Family Hostage

Cat attack: 22 pound Himalayan cat holds a US family hostage

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Cat attack: 22 pound Himalayan cat holds a US family hostage
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It's not your average crime, but a US familywere forced to call for help after their 22 pound Himalayan cat held them hostage.

Lee Palmer phoned the police after the angrycat scratched his seven-month-old baby, trapping them inside a bedroom.

911? Yeah, hi.

I have a kind of a particular emergencyhere.

My cat attacked our seven month old child, and I kicked the butt, the cat in therear, and it has went off over the edge and we aren't safe around the cat.

It's a verylarge Himalayan, and we're trapped in the bedroom.

He won't let us out the door.


Does the child need medical attention? No, no he's just got scratches on his forehead.

But the cat! We don't know what to do about the cat.

He's gone.

He's trying to attackus.

He's very, very, very hostile.

I tried to get ahold of Animal Control.

Hang on just a second.

You guys are insideyour bedroom right now? Yeah, yeah.

And if I.

When I leave out ofthe bedroom to let the police in, I'm going to have to fight this cat.

Hang on just a second.

When you said the catis large, how large? Uh, 22 pounds maybe.

And you said your child does not need medicalattention, right? No, no he's just got a couple gashes on hisforehead.

They're very small puncture wounds.

Little punctures.

He's got a little bump.

I kind of got the cat before he did any moredamage.

Okay, and do you think the cat is ill? I don't know.

I think that the cat, he's gotkind of a history of violence.

He's kind of a violent cat already.

But he's really bad right now.

He's charging us.

He's at our bedroom door.

911 sent police over to contain the cat, andthe family are considering what to do with their feline foe now that they've had a baby.

He came after us, and then I grabbed the baby.