Cat In A Baby Carrier? ⎮ ASL Stew Life
Cat In A Baby Carrier Asl Stew Life

Cat In A Baby Carrier? ⎮ ASL Stew Life

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Cat In A Baby Carrier? ⎮ ASL Stew Life
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(cat meow.

♪♪♪) [Jill] So, right now it’s 3:18.

I haven’t really vlogged much today.

Really this morning I’ve just been editing, captioning, laundry.

but recently it was Amazon Prime Day.

So I was looking around seeing if there was anything on the registry that we wanted to get a good deal on.

Because if you can get a good deal, why not.

You know, just get it ourselves.

So, we found a few things.

I thought the crib would arrive today.

It’s suppose to arrive today, but no, we got the carrier and I can’t wait to open it.

You know, just to make sure everything is OK.

Try it on, make sure that it fits like it did in the store.

All of that.

Then tomorrow I think we’re suppose to get the baby monitor.

It just happened that they had exactly what we wanted on Prime Day.

Alright, let’s see! (♪♪♪) Yay, box! Woohoo! (♪♪♪) So, it’s really comfortable and I like the mesh.

It’s a really breathable fabric but really soft still.

So you can flip this part over.

right there.

It’s really nice and it’s really easy.

You just kind of flip it on your neck and then you just click it in the back and that’s it! So really easy! The easiest one we found so far.

It’s really nice because.

it has everything you need.

So excited! Yeah, we need a baby though.

Maybe I’ll just put a cat in there? (♪♪♪) What is that? (♪♪♪) Yay, just got the crib! Really nice UPS man was super nice and brought it inside the house for me because obviously I cannot move it myself.

It is huge! Eeeee, I want to open it right now and see what’s inside! But I should probably wait until Jenna gets home.

But I want to see it now! Ugh! (♪♪♪) So, there’s a lot inside this box.

I think I’m just going to wait until Jenna gets home to help.


So now I need to weed more outside because it’s not raining.

So all of that, no good.


All of this, awesome! That, no go.

So, good, good, good, good.

So I just got back inside.

I couldn’t finish everything because it started raining again, but.

I mean I would say 75% or 80% of the patio is done.

I’d say maybe one more day and then I’ll be done! Woohoo! Hate weeding.

Do you like weeding? If you do, you can come to my house and do it for me.

Please? Please.

(♪♪♪) All of this.

eek! (♪♪♪) [JE] It’s good.

[JI] So now we’re taking a walk.

It just rained, but right now it seems to have stalled for a bit.

So, been trying to walk as much as possible.

You know it’s good exercise for me and for Jenna.

Sorry, bug.

Umm, and yeah, I really love this area here.

Just because it’s really nice to walk here ’cause we can walk around a lot.

Plus there’s not a lot of traffic because it’s not a main road.

Umm, it’s not really like a cul-de-sac, but kind of.

kind of.

But I really like it and later when we have the baby, then you know once it’s not winter, then we can have the stroller.

Yeah, once the baby‘s born, it will probably be like, I don’t know.

I’ll probably have to wait like six months here.

Because here, they’ll be born at the end of December or January.

So it will be cold! It’s awful here in the winter.

So we’ll have to wait until March or something like that.

But anyways, it’s fine.

It will be worth it! [JE] So, we were talking a walk in the neighborhood, and I noticed a black cat looking at us.

We had a staring contest.

Guess who won? Me No? The cat? Pshh, I deserve the win! Good way to test.

(♪♪♪) He’s purring.

Purring [JI] So he likes it? [JE] Well he’s purring, so.

(♪♪♪) [JI] He didn’t want that to be clipped.

He didn’t like it.

(♪♪♪) Say good night.

Say good-bye! Hey.

hey you! Hello? Say good night.

[JE] Good night! [JI] So that was the end.

The walk was good.

No rain and we had fun with the cat.

I can’t wait, we finally picked a paint color.

Woo hoo! So maybe tomorrow, I have lots to do, I might vlog again.

I don’t know.

Umm, I think I’m gonna go and pick up the paint.

I’m excited! Yay crib! Woo hoo! Hopefully you guys enjoyed the vlog and have a good night.

Bye! (♪♪♪).

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