Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle
Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle

Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle

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Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle
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Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle – Valentine’s may be over, but if you’re still looking for love or maybe just even a cuddle.

Battersea Cats and Dogs Home may have the answer for you.

They hosted an event called Feline Lonely.

Cuddle booths were set up and decorated with hearts and balloons and even lonely hearts adverts for friendly cats who are up for auction.

The cattery manager thinks it provides a unique experience for cat lovers.

It’s just a fun event where people can come if they’re feline lonely or feline flirty and they can come and cuddle one of our cats that’s looking for a home and really, really connect first hand with the work that we’redoing.

There were champagne and canapés at the event and people queued to get in to cuddle a cat.

There were even some love connections.

There was a cat earlier on today down there further on which was black and white and we really liked that cat because he was a bit boisterous and so, if we can, once we finish our studies if we can okay it with the landlord maybe we’ll get that one involved.