Cat Chasing Squirrels | Family Vlog | Cabin Fever Episode #4
Cat Chasing Squirrels Family Vlog Cabin Fever Episode 4

Cat Chasing Squirrels | Family Vlog | Cabin Fever Episode #4

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Cat Chasing Squirrels | Family Vlog | Cabin Fever Episode #4
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Well it's the middle of winter and we're doing the frosty life cabin fever series, were we show what our family does in the middle of winter when it's to cold to go outside and really do anything.

We get kinda crazy around here, wanna join us? This is episode 4 tonight And we'e going to show some of the fun things we do when we're cooped up in the cabin or try to escape and go outside, Saddie are you happy to be on a frozen lake? their ya go youtube-a-lonians the ice queen at the end of the dock (laugher) we begin 2017 with the ice queen (giggles) pretty sunset Saddie! come on, come on puppy dog (laughter) She ran right into me like a bull Woohoo Lily Lily Lily woo woo woo So what is cabin fever? It's when you get cooped up in your house in the middle of winter and you're tired of being stuck inside And it can be pretty negative for a lot of people It could be a negative experience but we're not going to let it be negative Cause we like to be a fun family and make the best you can possibly make Ya know if you go through life making memories, then your doing life right.

Life is temporary and it's terminal, life here on earth is terminal So why not have a little fun in your house while your cooped up Pets help, they really do, If you're in an environment where you can't get outside if you live down south and it's to hot out.

I've been there visiting I've been in Florida in the middle of July And it's way to hot and humid you can get cabin fever there to I bet If you live down south and get cooped up in the house tell me below in the comments what do you call that? Hey what's up! I'm gonna.

Dance (laughter) You're making that up did you just burp up a Jalapeno? a Jalapeno yeah you think i say everything wrong.

you do Yeah sriracha sauce is good on hard boiled eggs sriracha, ya that's the right way you said sriracha.

Oh ( Giggles) well it's good on my eggs either way Yeah, Yeah but Tabasco is better though Especially the green Tabasco sauce ( drools) ahhh on hard boiled eggs, oh yeah yeah sriracha ( pronouncing it wrong) is good on hard boiled eggs la sauce a ratcha la sauce a ratcha.

( laughter) if you guys like this vlog make sure you click that little bell next to the subscription button and it will notify you when we have new fun vlogs, we're doing different series, we did vlogmas last month and had a blast, and loved it, we're gonna do more of that kinda thing this month we're doing cabin fever and it's not a thing, we're doing it because , ya know vlogmess was fun cause everyone else was doing it, Cabin fever? that's our own series we're the Frosty family ya think a snowman outside would be cool right.

hey don't lick me, I hate that especially cat anyway, enjoy this I just discovered there's this thing on instagram called boomerang right next to where you can go live I've had instagram for a couple years but i didn't know I had a boomerang whatever that is so I asked kate, what is boomerang ? she said it's a gif maker so then I tried it and i'll show you a clip of it and it's quit funny actually I love boomerang, I don't even get what it is but i love it she said it's a gift maker so i said what does making a gift have to with anything it makes gifs, so i said gif maker? why a gift? and kates like no, Gif make like G I F I didn't know what a gif maker was, now i do, wanna see? On Instagram I put things up almost everyday Same with snap chat now Kates laughing at me are you laughing at me? no ( giggles) I'm laughing at a comment Bruce made ( laughter) I think it would be fun to tickle kate ( Laughter) ( Laughter) No, No Sadie I got the tickle figured out here it comes ticky ticky, you gonna fart? ( laughter) Kate farts.

Sadie is impressed Get her Sadie Get her Sadie! Laughter uh oh, Kate's having a laughing attack More laughter , not audible No go away.

get her Sadie Nooo Sadie, protect me, Get her Sadie! (laughter) Okay I won't tickle Kate Yeah ha, Good girl back away, back away here it comes, here it comes I'm gonna tickle Kate This is more cabin fever going on people here it comes, this is the tickle finger Yes i love you Sadie Someone once called me a turd You know I look eternally happy either that or, (second voice) sounded like you said eternally Huh? you're a puppy now Oh i'm a puppy we're puppies together you two in love? lovies are you two brothers that love each other take good care of each other Well you're setting your face on my hand this mean you're inviting me to play want to play hmmm you have the shape of Florida on your chest yes you do what's out there, what do you see woof woof (laughter) woof woof you see a woof woof look at you snugglers inseparable we leave for the lake for the weekend, come home and this is how they are Apparently they got along really well Yeah we love each other It's cabin fever, you don't need a cabin to have cabin fever you've all experienced it if you lived in the snow and cold like we are.

yeah you think so too? Mason has a strong feeling about this he likes to chase squirrels well the squirrels see him in the window and see he can't get out squirrels come up to the window and taunt him well we turned the tables on those squirrels each winter around January the squirrels get really bold i'll open the window and let Mason out and chase them off into the tree's and he'll come right back, he won't engage but he loves to chase them off act like he's tough he's a tough kitty Anyway, this is our family vlog this is Frosty life and share with you in the middle of winter the series that we're doing, what's out there you have a friend wanna go outside and play Meow Yeah what do you see their what's out there Meow you wanna go play look Mason.

Look Mason Get Em! (laughter) your friend is back Mason.