Cat Owners Try Cat Food
Cat Owners Try Cat Food

Cat Owners Try Cat Food

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Cat Owners Try Cat Food
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I didn't think you guys would go this far.

I'm surprised.

Anything for some likes! Am I right? Oh god! This is our cat.

His name's Blackie.

He likes long walks on the beach! He's from Ohio.

He's 47 years old.

He's a finance manager.

It's a love-hate relationship, definitely.

I don't want to leave his brother out entirely.

He does have a brother, so they do a lot together.

No, actually.

We don't really hang around 'cause he's kind of smelly! Mmmmmm? What? You son of a bitch.

Are we not having human food? I'm gonna be eating cat food? I knew.


"Bring the cat's bowls" Whatever could we be- Would you bring cat food? I know we're eating cat food! Is it actually cat food, like am I eating cat food? And is that- legal? Um, it looks like vomit.

It actually looks OK.

There's carrots in there.

There's two types of meat.

It smells actually like gravy or something, to be honest.

Oh! Well! Someone thinks this is bloody brilliant! It's a starter! OK, yeah.

Mmm hmmm! Sure! What the hell kind of cat gets a three course meal everyday?! Like, Jesus! I barely feed him! Look! I'm blowing on it as if it's actual soup! Alright, here we go.

Come on! Let's do this! Oh, it's not that bad.

It's not bad.

It tastes like tuna.

No, I hate it but I'm really hungry! *reading French* OK, so it's like fish.

Do you know what? If I was starving, I'd eat it.

I would.

And, if there was a zombie apocalypse.

Now I know to go straight for the cat aisle 'cause that's the only stuff that'd be left.

Look! What is it? What is it? What have we got here, Squidgy? Ya have to smell it! He's never done a facts video before.

I'm so embarrassed! Um- Beef? I'm gonna guess beef? Ya gotta smell it first! Tell what it looks like- I'm guessing the black, awful bits are courgette- Ohh! Ahhh! That's bad.

Ah, that's bad! That's horrible! Eww! Why are you eating that?! It's disgusting.

It's abs- it's exactly what you would think cat food tastes like.

Nope! Couldn't taste the courgettes that's for f***ing sure! Look! Even that cat's like, "I can't do this anymore"! No trout.

No courgette.

There was some hay, maybe some chicken shit.

That's about it.

Looks like a sand castle made out of poo, like- I guess he likes it, so that means I won't! Spam? Is it spam for cats? Pate?! No, it's not! I know pate! I've eaten worse on this channel- that's the sad thing about this video.

I've eaten worse.


No thank you! Excuse me, waiter! Not doing it! No, he's a vegetarian.

Ughh! Oh my god! It's alright- It's really like, citrus-y or something.

Oh god! It tastes like gone off fruit! Carrots? I'm getting a lot of carrot in there! This one, I wouldn't even feed it to my cat! Ha! Oh! It's really not nice! Did Laura like these? I'm still eating this.

Why? Because it's food, obviously.

You're not interested at all! Don't blame ya.

It smells like yoghurt- and paint! Is it titty milk? Is it cat titty milk You first! Hey! It actually is yoghurt! It's really delicious! It has that nice tangy flavor! Smells like PVA glue, which is a little bit worrying- but- it tastes OK.

Come here and sit down and do a conclusion with us! My experience today was of utmost horror.

Uh, I'm ashamed of you guys.

I thought we were going to do something fun today.

Penny! IF you asked me politely, I will eat food with you again.

It's not gonna happen.

I gotcha.

There ya go! Ya see? He just loves stayin' with me the whole time! We're both watching Homeland together.

We're on season two of Homeland- Netflix and cat.

Who's your least favorite? Donal?! Oh my god! You said it, not me! On YouTube? You can't say that about Donal on YouTube!.

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