Cat Party 1


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Are you recording this? Hi I’m Ceci, this is Palmito Teodoro is somewhere around here Wait.

What was I supposed to say? Hello I’m Matias, she’s Gala I’m Sofia, that is Vicente and this is CAT PARTY I met Palmito recently I was told about a sick cat someone had found and two weeks later she bred kittens.

Vicente was the best birthday present ever That’s when I met him and… I get so nervous You have no shame in front of the camera, do you? I was 8 years old and we had gone somewhere to buy a cat And Teodoro, who´s in the back Was also found in an abandoned lot and needed a home They were all Siamese but she was the only Blue Point cat which is a breed slightly whiter than the others Teodoro has an amazing ability he can play football and score Vicente has a plain face, as you can all see but when he was two months old he fell from the second floor and his little nose went a bit further into his face If you place a can he’s able to get the ball inside the can five or six times in a row Since he has a plain face he has trouble getting to the bottom of his food plate So I think he doesn’t eat all his food because he can’t get to the lowest part of his plate And Palmito what’s special about him is that he’s a hairball and he’s super soft like a cotton ball The same goes for his water He has a small bowl of water because if you leave a big bowl he has to stick his entire face in the bowl to access water and he gets all wet He should have a bib He does Whats special about Gala is that she was raised with me I was eight years old when I met her so we kind of grew up together and at some point she’s like a little sister to me We sleep together wake up together we take breakfast together That he looks for breasts everywhere But that’s what worries me! Sometimes he looks for breasts everywhere on the necks on the backs on the hands of other people I’m worried because I keep bringing him girlfriends and he doesn’t get it on Let’s see if he does It now What worries me the most about Gala is her age She’s sixteen years old He had a girlfriend had his first try and his penis got infected It’s just that some days she can’t climb up to the places she used to And now he has three lady cats that want to come to see him but he’s abstaining CAT PARTY to me it’s a party to which we all go disguised as our cats It’s the celebration of cats.

Its throwing a party for our cats because they give us so much We don’t take our cats because they don’t like to be moved around but we are our own cats It’s a place where we can all share out love for cats “for cats” is that ok? That’s all from the three of us Big kiss for all of you This was CAT PARTY.