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Hi all Welcome to vlog Today we have, as you can see, got a new cat And I'll surprise Robin He has always wanted a Bengal cat, like this But because I run an organization that rescues cats I hate buying cats for money Therefore, I have said that we can never have a Because 99% of breeders of cats miss trades them They live in poor conditions, are neglected, and things like that This is what he came from He and three girls were exploited for breeding, and when they were too weak and they were thrown into the street He come to good health again, and has been nurtured.

I'll adopt him This is going to be a big shock for Robin That we should adopt a Bengal cat, because he thought it would never happen For the toy, you're too playful.

Big feet and big claws Robin comes home soon.

And first I'll get him to believe that we have taken Bengo-boy in as foster-cat And afterwards I will reveal that he actually is here to stay, and that we should adopt him Look at you.

Showing you around? Showing you around? Go and give the video a big thumbs up, and answers in the comments field on what you think about him.

Like him? And perhaps came with some suggestions on what we could call him He's really playful I can hear that Robin enters the front door Robin ?! Can you get into the guest room, please? Oh dear! What are you doing? I vlogs Who is it? He is our new foster cat Like him? Is there a Bengal? Yes What's his name? He's just Bengal-boy right now What do you think about him? He is fantastic Bengal-boy came here! I have some candy for you Does he like this? He is the coolest cat ever! Oh my God A bit scared? Yes, he was ill-treated and has a storage room on the street long He has recovered much now Oops, I spilled a little on the carpet He's hungry, is not he? Have you fed him? Yes, but they are always hungry Always hungry.

He has eaten up the whole thing I just love his eyes.

His eyes are the coolest As if he's a real tiger How much do you love him? Fantastic, he is awesome Do you love him enough to keep him? Yes, I'd kept him right now.

You know I would You know what? What? He is ours.

What? He is ours.

no He is our no He is our boy Are you serious, Emma? Look me in the eyes.

No fooling He is ours and we should keep him We're going to keep him? Yes Do you promise? Yes, I promise You've given me my little baby.

Yeah, he's our boy Did you hear that? I'm your new dad Are you serious? Yes How do we keep him, when we have Bendi? I am sure they will learn to get along They're going to fight This kid is great.

He comes only to kill our cat He has this space for themselves.

It will be nice and peaceful at first, then we'll see how it goes He is so sweet.

I love him Hired him to me? Yes.

I've always wanted a Bengal Give me the camera.

I want to show everyone what I see right now.

See the cute little face Look at that sweet little face Look at that sweet little face He will be my little baby Are you serious, 100% that we should keep him? I just joking No.

I joked.

No, you joked not, Emma I did not think you'd like him so well.

This is not funny.

This is not fucking funny, Emma Why did you get me so excited, and then say that we can not keep him? Baby, you know that we nurtures them, and then they adopted No, you can not do that to me Emma.

He's mine now.

It's you and me Are you really angry? No, I'm not angry.

For I shall keep him.

He's my little baby.

Come here No, I'm kidding.

He is ours.

He is our You're serious now? You're kidding again? If you kidding again I become so angry No, he's ours.

I promise that He is our, I just joking with you So we're going to actually keep him? Yes I love him so much He may be a little intimidated, so do not architecturally overwhelming him He was the best pigeon-catcher in Lancaster.

Was he? Yes I am so glad that we're going to keep him.

I he did not wait for him to lie in my lap all day So, we should call him Bengal-boy? That's what he called right now.

Because we caught four, and the other three were avlsjenter, and he was the boy So has just been called Bengal-boy until now This is me and my new cat.

My little baby cat He is so cool He's going to get me as many like-click on instagram, I can see it.

All my pictures are going to be with my little Bengal-boy Look at that gorgeous face If you like Bengal-boy.

Let me hear it in the comments below And I just want to say thank you, Emma You're welcome.

Give me a kiss You got my dream of going to fulfillment.

I've always wanted a Bengal cat Whole life! Was it a good gift? It was the best gift ever.

I could not have asked for a better gift.

The best early Christmas gift ever It is our three-year anniversary this month, so you can got to give me a jubileusgave Emma has always said that it would be impossible for us to have a Bengal I do not like breeders, and would never ever buy a cat.

I would always rescue cats And we do not often get such when we save, but this time we got four.

So I adopted a Where are the other three? I want the other three as well.

I want all I think four Bengal cats are a bit much But why can not we keep him and the others and breed them? I want Bengal kittens also I would love to have some Bengal kittens For cat not buy one, but adopt one from a reception Do not buy a Ever since I was little I have always asked my mom if we please could have a Bengal cat, but we always had dogs when I was little.

So we could never have cat So that having his own Bengal cat is a dream come true Hey, big boy Look how cool he is Lick it off the floor.

Come on, otherwise she gets me to do it Soak it up from the floor for me, come on.

We are already good friends.

This is the best gift ever He is quite playful, he is not He likes it.

It takes him back to when he caught pigeons If you want to see more vlogs with me and Bengal-boy, let me know in the comments.

I could toyed with him all day He's so big He is perhaps the biggest Bengal cat I noeng ever seen You make him dizzy Like him? I love him Shall I leave you with him? Yes, I'm going to play with him the rest of the day He paints He has the cutest male sound ever He will lie in your lap Because I love him so much You made a mistake when you gave me a Bengal cat, for he is going to sleep in bed now Can going to take up the entire side of the bed See the pattern here on his leg.

He looks like a real tiger Hello.

Are you my little tiger? Are you my little tiger? Do not like to be petted on the belly, do not you like to be petted on the belly.

Why not? He gets so much coziness of me.

It's not going to be any cat in the world that gets more hugs than this boy I'm going to snuggle with him all day He just wants to play with the spring.

Will not you? He has the best male sound ever.

All cats are going to be so jealous Shall I leave you to enjoy? Yes, you can leave us We will snuggle all day Say goodbye! Bye, I hope you enjoyed this Vlog And I'm sorry if my reaction was not good enough.

I'm a little hypnotized right now and just want to cuddle with him I'm sorry if I was not talking to the camera so much, but I'm just so thrilled to have a Bengal cat I hope you enjoyed the video.

Then you can go down and give me a thumbs up, or give Emma a thumbs up.

Give me a thumbs up! Thank you, baby Thank you looked at guys.

Good bye! Peace.