Cute Baby Cats
Cute Baby Cats

Cute Baby Cats

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Cute Baby Cats
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Cute Baby Cats – (loli beautiful mouse) This is Morgana, my beautiful queen.

And this is Russian, or Artica; I don’t know cause there are 2 white.

Usually my cat has 2, 3.

4 kitties while this time she did a huge work cause they’re 6! I neither know how she’ll be able to feed them.

Indeed will give her vitamin supplements.

And we need to check her carefully, my little kitty.

They’re so many, and so little, I call them MORGAN squad.

They’re called all with the letters of her mom’s name.

So Mimic, Onice, Russian, Grau, Artica and Nero They’re so super-soft, and cute and (I don’t know how to describe it in English).

I decided to show them even if not a drawing cause you asked it on Facebook.

my little potatoes.

This is something like.

Schrödinger happiness Then I wanted you to know that probably I won’t upload a lot of videos, and they’ll be anyway mono-themed cause I’m working enought for Unlisted channel.

We released the first episodes of our comic, and the series is very appreciated.

I read some wonderful comments about it, and I’m really into this thing.

Espacially cause we release 3 episodes every 2 weeks so it’s all DrawDrawDraw Oh, and last night, after 8 yrs of honorable service, my graphic pen fallen, and Bambi stopped to work forever.

Kitties born, tablets die.

The great circle of life.

So all the new drawings will see will be made with a new graphic tablet.

Indy (an Intuos) So life continues even with different tools 🙂 Hope you’ll check for the series in the other channel, and that this video made you a bit of company ^^ Oh potato! How much cute is my Momi? Hope you’re all fine and to see you soon! With anew video, hopefully.

Bye bye!.