Cute Cats! : )
Cute Cats

Cute Cats! : )

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Cute Cats! : )
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My first cat was Joe.

He was a big fat old tabby.

I was 4 when he died and he was evil.

I still missed him a lot when he died.

Someone must have left out ani-freeze for him.

My 2nd cat was Sparkle.

She was a tiny tuxedo cat.

She was evil like Joe.

Unlike Joe she was a kitten and she ran away after the first night.

She ran into the field and probably got ate by a coyote.

My 3rd cat was Willow.

He was bigger than his sister and a tuxedo cat too.

He was a boy like Joe.

He was Sparkle's brother.

We had him for a month.

I loved that cat.

He meant a lot to me.

He was eaten by a coyote.

My 4th cat was Star.

A rowdy, fluffball of love and another tuxedo cat! She was the youngest cat I had had at the time.

She was well loved and lived for 3 months with us.

A truck ran over her though.

My 5th cat was Sky.

A spotted and hurt cat that was a crazy lady! She was so adorable.

She lived with my mom after she wasn't safe at my house.

Now we left her to roam in the country.

My 6th cat was Knucklehead.

A brown tabby who was nonchalant.

He lived with my mom when Sky moved in and they played together.

He left before Sky did to live with a neighbor that Knucklehead went to live with.

My 7th cat was Tadur.

The one I miss above all.

A runt of the litter tuxedo male cat.

This made him dumb, but he would sleep with me every night and we had him the longest with living with me.

He was with us for 5 yrs.

He died by being eaten by a coyote.

My 8th cat came around while Tadur was alive.

Josie the younger look alike of Joe! He was a lap cat and was mostly calm.

He was ran over too.

My living 9th cat is Sylvester.

He was named after the Looney Tunes cat.

My current tuxedo cat.

Playful and always curious! He enjoys laying on you when he knows your sleeping.

He will sit by you if you don't touch him much or leave.

All of my dear missed and beloved cats I have and have had were strays.

They had their difficulties to live with, but were still great cats, even the evil ones.

Thank you for watching and hearing my cat's stories.

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