Fierce feline who terrorized Oregon family stumps ‘My Cat From Hell’ TV show host
Fierce Feline Who Terrorized Oregon Family Stumps My Cat From Hell Tv Show Host

Fierce feline who terrorized Oregon family stumps ‘My Cat From Hell’ TV show host

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Fierce feline who terrorized Oregon family stumps ‘My Cat From Hell’ TV show host
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In what truly epitomized the title of hisTV show, "My Cat From Hell," feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy is calling his attempt to tamethe Portland cat notorious for attacking a baby and boxing his panicked owners into abedroom "the hardest case I have ever worked.

" It got more difficult after the happy endingfor the cat named Lux soon unraveled.

In the reality show that aired last weekend, Galaxypersuades another Portland couple to take Lux while the cat is treated with antidepressantsand anti-seizure medication.

A veterinarian diagnosed Lux with feline hyper-esthesia syndrome,which can trigger violent behavior.

But after the episode's taping, Lux attacked his newguardians and they gave him up for their own safety.

"It was the worst letdown," Galaxytold The Associated Press on Tuesday.

"I don't think I've ever had a bigger shock.

This isthe hardest case I have ever worked.

" But take heart, Lux supporters.

The 4-year-oldcat has become Galaxy's buddy, and the reality star says he hasn't given up.

He's placedLux in a veterinary clinic where the cat receives medication while undergoing treatment to tryto identify what turns this feline Dr.

Jekyll into Mr.


Lux became one of the mostnotorious cats in pet history after his owner called 911 on March 9 as the cat terrorizedhis family.

Lee Palmer told dispatchers Lux had scratched his son's head and was out ofcontrol.

The family barricaded themselves in a bedroom, and Lux could be heard screechingmenacingly in the background.

Galaxy set up a series of meetings with Lux and his owners,who did not return messages seeking comment.

The episode shown Saturday demonstrated thedifficulty in solving the puzzle that is Lux.

In their first encounter, Galaxy walks intoa bedroom where the cat's fearful owners have sequestered him.

Galaxy sees Lux peeking outfrom behind a box.

The cat's eyes are dilated, a sign of distress.

He growls.

After makingeye contact at the cat's level and offering treats, Galaxy is able to pick up Lux andput him on his lap.

The cat returns Galaxy's affection as the tattooed TV host pets him.

"I do not see a vicious cat," Galaxy says.

"I do not see a killer.

" In the show, Galaxytemporarily puts Lux in the care of another couple to see whether the cat would be violentin a different home.

Lux attacked one of its new owners.

A Portland veterinarian suggestsLux be medicated, and the new owners agree to take Lux back.

At first, it went well.

But after the show wrapped, the couple called Galaxy to say the cat had several violentepisodes.

Galaxy said the cat was a danger to them and he understands why they couldn'tkeep him.

Despite the outbursts, everyone seems to fall for Lux, a long-haired cat witha sweet face.

That's the case for Galaxy, who has dealt with thousands of difficultcats.

"I fell in love with him the second I met him," Galaxy said.

"He's the sweetestboy in the world.

" The reality star has made saving Lux from euthanasia his personal crusade.

The cat is at a clinic — Galaxy won't divulge the location — where specialists are tryingto better understand the complicated feline.

Galaxy works with them on treatment, and it'sgoing well so far.

The medication is starting to work.

Staff members at the clinic put Luxin different social situations to see how he responds.

Galaxy hopes they can modifyLux's behavior so the cat can someday find a home.

"I'm going to keep working with thiscat," Galaxy said.

"I've got to be sure I give him the best shot.