Game Grumps (D)animated: What is Smart?
Game Grumps Danimated What Is Smart

Game Grumps (D)animated: What is Smart?

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Game Grumps (D)animated: What is Smart?
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Arin: Hey I'm grump, Danny: I'm not so grump! Both: And we're the game grumps! Arin: What is smart? *Danny giggling like a bitch* Arin: And why is Smart? Danny: That's a question your cat, Mimi would ask.

Arin: *Giggling* Yeah, Mimi: What is smart? Arin: Mimi would just stare at you and you'd be like: "Smart is when you know things and people respect you" And she's just like *Pause* Arin: She just blinks one eye at a time.

*gigglefest* Danny: Yeah Danny: Meanwhile.

INSIDE the mind of mimi: *Bzzzzzz* *Laughter erodes* ERROR, ERROR, BRAIN MALFUNCTION *Laughter Continues* *Outro* Subscribe to Brandon Turner.