Gato Esfinge, Sphynx (
Gato Esfinge Sphynx

Gato Esfinge, Sphynx (

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Gato Esfinge, Sphynx (
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Hello people.

Today we are here at Dani's Studio Let's record his pet, my favorite breed of cat.

Is a sphynx cat It is commonly known simply as Sphynx (In Spain) Its main characteristic is the lack of hair.

Although he really has hair.

A kind of very fine fuzz We will try to record it with a zoom so you can see it closely This cats are highly recommended for the interior of a house.

On the outside they may have problems For example, the sun can not burn because it can not be protected.

Or even sunstroke there it goes! XD It is a cat with medium and large structure.

There is no small.

The head should be triangular, wedge-shaped.

Crumpled, very pretty Ears in triangle, long, and wide base.

These characteristics even though they are in the standard as triangular There are many breeders selecting the round head.

If this continues at the end, the standard must be changed.

There are very few official breeders of this breed in Spain.

The Sphynx.

For example Donskoy, Ucranian Levkoy or Peterbald.

There is no in Spain at the moment.

At least I do not know anyone who has it.

And they are also races that is say in its apogee.

In the 1960s this recessive mutation occurred naturally.

Breeders took these families who were born naturally and selected them.

Until this race was settled.

So we can consider it "new, modern" This cat apparently looks fragile.

Many people think they are ugly, afraid of them or simply consider it repellent.

For me it's just wonderful About specific care, although not many, for example in food Being a cat that does not have fur needs a slightly higher percentage of protein and fat.

Are you afraid of the camera baby? XD Why do you need more protein and fat than other cats? To generate grease, defense and thermoregulator.

The ideal temperature is 24-25ºC (75,2-77ºF) In many cases so that you do not believe a lot of fat as a defense you can wear specific clothing.

Of winter.

Another curious feature is that they secrete a kind of fat like sweating.

So it gets dirty and we should bathe it.

We should try to take advantage when it is small.

At least bathe it once a month.

Everyone does not get dirty anyway.

So some can bathe them once every two months.

The sooner we start, better.

Another thing about the care, not having hairs on the ears get quite dirty We can clean them with liquids specific for this and with a gauze The eyes are more or less the same, they have no eyelashes, and you have to wash them with saline solution.

To prevent infections.

About the feed.

I will not say brand although I believe that in Spain there are only two specific brands.

Specific for this breed of cat.

We can use these or at least the feed has 35% protein.

It is 5-10% more than normal cats.

It is a spectacular cat.

I met him when I was 12 And since then I have read a lot about this race.

See that ears It's a VERY VERY dependent cat Now as a child is more playful but then will be more sleepy and attached to the owner.

Not usually a lonely cat And he is a very calm cat.

Males may, with zeal, make marks of urine.

Maulle, be more nervous.

etc actually this is normal in all cats The eyes are large and green-yellow.

Very cute.

The tail is usually compared to the tail of a rat.

hehe Here he touches more of the fuzzhair he has.

Just like the snout.

It is a good cat for allergic people, since it does not loose hair.

It is a good advantage.

I hope u like it.

And soon more videos.

Wait wait.

He usually lives between 14 and 20 years.

Other cats last much less.

And the mortality rate is usually in puppy.

When they pass the year, there is usually no risk.

Speaking of genetic problems logically.

Although it looks like a fragile cat is very resistant Now yes, I hope you like it.

And soon more videos.

Byebye =).