Grumpy Cat Type Of Breed
Grumpy Cat Type Of Breed

Grumpy Cat Type Of Breed

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Grumpy Cat Type Of Breed
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Grumpy Cat Type Of Breed – Hi guys! Today we are taking you to the happiest place on earth: a cat cafe! If being in a room with twenty cats makes you happy, then this is definitely a place you must visit when in Japan.

So how do you feel to be surrounded by so many kitties? The best thing ever! It is now around 6 o’clock and we’ve just entered.

and it’s feeding time! So all the cats pay no attention to us whatsoever.

And they are only concentrating on eating their own and other’s food because they steal it from each other.

The concept of this cafe is that you come to a cafe full of cats to cuddle with them! Anyway, you pay 1200 yen for one hour of cuddling (around 10 euro).

and it actually includes a drink.

You can choose out of these: coca-cola, tea, coffee etc.

There are 17 cats here.

17 cats in such a small place, it’s awesome, isn’t it? And I asked the lady who works here about the original idea behind such cafes.

She said that the owner of the first ever cat cafe in Japan was a fan of manga cafes.

Cafes where you can come and read manga – Japanese anime illustrations.

And he thought – ow, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also come and cuddle with cats there? So allegedly that was the idea behind it.

And this is one of the first cat cafes in Japan.

I don’t want to complain but I don’t think these cats like to be cuddled! No? He doesn’t really look happy.

He is an ultimate grumpy cat! But so cute, so cute! Can you guess why this cat is the most popular? This cat? He’s lazy, he’s grumpy! All the best things! Yeah! Something human beings are looking for in a cat right? being lazy, being grumpy, being chubby, and looking like a small lion! Hahaha, bingo! I heard that in Japan when you rent an apartment, you are not always allowed to have a cat.

Landlords put it actually in the contract.

So not a lot of Japanese people have cats at home, which is why these cafes, I assume, are popular.

17 cats at once.

It’s always better than 1! The owner also says that Japanese people feel extremely relieved when they come here after a day of hard work, and they touch a cat, cuddle with a cat.

Just feel the love.

you know? Animals give us this feeling of being relieved of all the stress of the day.

So, that’s the answer to why cat cafes are so extremely popular in Japan.

So what are you doing now liefje? So I just found this book, which is called ‘Cat profile’.

So it has pictures of every cat, his name, also if he is a boy or a girl, also the date he was born, and like character.

Let’s find our favorite.

What do they say about him? So His name is Sosuke.

And he was born in 2008.

Wauw, that is such a surprise! It says he loves to spend time being lazy.

He loves to spend time being lazy.

I couldn’t imagine that.

Didn’t expect that! Where is he? Here right? So…you love spending time being lazy.

I see I see.

Can barely hold my camera! They don’t seem very friendly! No, not amused with your presence! Ow, that’s funny! Look, it says in Japanese that they are resting, they are on a break.

On a break from.

Sleeping? Look, this one is officially on a break, and this one is not! This one is working! Thank you guys for watching! I hope you enjoyed the cat cafe as much as I did! I hope to see you in our next video.