Homemade Cat Food – Tuna Treats
Homemade Cat Food Tuna Treats

Homemade Cat Food – Tuna Treats

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Homemade Cat Food – Tuna Treats
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Homemade Cat Food – Tuna Treats Welcome to SherbyTheCat, this week we’llbe making homemade cat food.

So the homemade cat food we’ll be making this week are tunatreats and we’ve had mixed results for homemade cat food in the past, This time we’re keepingour homemade cat food simple by only using a few ingredients.

as these are cat treatsand not everyday homemade cat food we won’t be adding supplements like omega 3 & 6 asthese homemade cat food treats are in addition to their normal healthy diet, if your cathas a special diet make sure you speak with your vet before changing their diet.

All you’ll need for these homemade cat foodtreats are: 1 can of tuna in spring water 120g (drained)1 cup of oats 1 egg1 tbsp catnip 1 tbsp olive oil So first lets bring up the oats into oat flour,all you need to do is grind up the oats in your food processor until really smooth.

You’ll want the consistency to be smoothlike sand.

Next you’ll need to combine all the otheringredients so make sure you drain the tuna steak before popping in.

Mix everything together so you get a loosetexture.

Now lets get everything combined, mix everythinginto the food processor and blend until smooth.

Now it’s time to cut and shape our cat treats,because they are for cats we’ll need to make sure they are really small, for thisi rolled out into four strips and cut into cat sized treats.

To be double sure i then resized all bitsinto cat shapes.

Once done stick them all onto a baking treyand stick them in the oven.

No need to grease the baking trey, Lets get them in the over, about 10 minutesshould do.

Once made let the homemade cat treats coolfor about 10 minutes.

So there you go, there are your homemade catfood tuna treats, if you enjoyed the video make sure you give it the thumbs up, don’tforget to subscribe to our channel and search SherbyTheCat on Instagram and Twitter, seeyou next week.

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