How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live?
How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live

How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live?

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How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live?
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Trap-neuter-release, or “TNR”, may soundnice, but the grim reality for the estimated 80 million homeless cats struggling to surviveoutdoors is far worse than it sounds.

Stray and feral cats don’t die of old age.

The average lifespan of a free-roaming cat is just 1 to 5 years, compared to 12 to 20years for a cat who is kept safely indoors, and taken to the vet when ill or injured.

Every day, cats outdoors get hit by cars,which often doesn’t kill them outright but still causes immense suffering until theysuccumb to their injuries.

Homeless cats also die of dehydration whensummer heat dries up their water source, or when water freezes in winter for days at atime, and they suffer from malnutrition and starvation when internal parasites consumethem from the inside out, causing a slow and painful death.

Common conditions like upper respiratory infections,urinary obstructions, flea infestations, ear mites, and abscesses can become deadly whenleft untreated.

Free-roaming cats are also attacked by roamingdogs, and abused and killed by human beings, many of whom consider cats a nuisance anddo terrible things to them: poisoning them with antifreeze; shooting them – and more.

Feral and homeless cats are not super-felines—they’reidentical to the cats who share our homes, and they deserve to be treated with the samecare and respect.

If we wouldn’t throw our own cats out onto the mean streets, we shouldn’tagree with abandoning any cat to that fate.

Bust the trap-neuter-abandon fantasy.

Keepcats indoors, spay and neuter, and help pass—and get enforced—ordinances that require responsiblecat guardianship.

Visit PETA.

Org to learn how you can preventthe suffering of homeless cats, humanely and responsibly.

Thank you.

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