How to Get Rid of Cat Ear Mites
How To Get Rid Of Cat Ear Mites

How to Get Rid of Cat Ear Mites

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How to Get Rid of Cat Ear Mites
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Of all the pets in your home, cats are themost likely to get ear mites.

But thankfully, these can be treated easilyand quickly.

No reason for your precious pet to suffer.

But this does usually cause some irritationin your cats ears if it is not found early.

There are several different options to treatear mites.

They never really go away, but you can treatthe irritation.

Frontline has a flea treatment that can convenientlybe used to treat ear mites.

Vets are confident that this treatment worksextremely well for the treatment of ear mites.

And this will also help with the fleas aswell.

Ears in cats are not the only place that earmites are found.

They can spread to many parts of their body;they particularly are drawn to the cat’s head.

This is why the flea products seem to workso well, especially when they spread over the body.

Topical treatments can also be used monthlyto combat the problem on the cat’s body.

If this treatment is not working to rid yourcat of ear mites, then there may be something more serious such as an ear disease.

We advise you have your cat checked out byyour Vet for further diagnosis and treatment.

Do you have more than one cat? If you do,ear mites will spread.

They are very contagious, so all of your catswill need to be checked and treated.

This is even if they don’t have any symptoms.

If ear mites are not treated early, they canbecome very serious.

It is of vital importance that you have yourcat or cats checked by your vet as soon as you see any signs such as itching, head shakingand scratching around their ears.

This way your cat will be back to his happyself and no longer suffer from these annoying ear mites.

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