How to Groom Long Haired Cats : Cat Grooming Tips
How To Groom Long Haired Cats Cat Grooming Tips

How to Groom Long Haired Cats : Cat Grooming Tips

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How to Groom Long Haired Cats : Cat Grooming Tips
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And then, you can if you want to take offhair.

Do it with scissors and you wouldn’t have to buy the clippers and I will say thatthey are going to look horrible about the first week or two even if it is done by thebest of cat groomer’s.

It is just something about their hair and especially if they aren’tclean and the cats take care of it.

I do not know what they do.

They lick it and it looksall smooth in a week or two.

But this hair you want to be able to see, you mark it offhere at the rear; that is your stop line.

Then under here and be sure that you havejust taken off the little fuzzies so that you can see the table through and you makeyou like a dip there and then you are going to come down here.

You don’t have to combthis; you can do this and it will do just as good.

So I can see through that hair andI can see through that and I can see through that and I can come down to that dip I maderight there and you don’t have to have real good scissors for this.

Just be sure thatit is hair scissors or not necessarily hair scissors, but they are sharp and I press verygently and it saved made me a lot of cutting animals.

I scissor real gently.

I don’tmesh it hard and if I were to get their leg, I would feel it before I completely closedit and that is just a technique that you get better at.

You know just press gently.

And you can get just about any length thata clipper will get with doing this and if you don’t want to invest in clippers, whichthey are expensive, but they do pay for themselves.

And see how ratty that looks right there.

She is dirty one thing but even clean she is not going to look a lot better until shefixes this that I’ve done.

It is just the cat’s hair.

And they don’t really lookany better done with the blade.

To get your desired length you do the body first, fromthere to the shoulder.

That is like a different part of the cat.

Go from there to there andthen you always hold them him up so they can rest on you.

That hair there I can see throughand this is a good example of what I told you earlier about 10-15 minutes is all thecat is going to put up with on the table.

Mind, yours, anybody.

At the shops that iswhat we do.

It does not matter if they are being real good or not.

In 15 minutes it isa good idea to put him up and as bad as that looks when she has worked on it herself, itwill look pretty good in a week.