IT’S JUST.. IT’S SO CUTE! | Cat Evolution
Its Just Its So Cute Cat Evolution

IT’S JUST.. IT’S SO CUTE! | Cat Evolution

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IT’S JUST.. IT’S SO CUTE! | Cat Evolution
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(cool music) Hey.



Um I.

Got this new game called cat evolution and um.

I started playing it for about two days and I decided to make a YouTube video on it because it's a perfect opportunity.


let me.


You start off and you basically.


evolve cats? Hence the name Cat Evolution.

and you make new cats every time.

So far I've gotten to this world.

And and.

Look at this! It's just.

It's so cute!! I have this cat.

So let's.

there are different berries to collect.

along the way.

Or at least where I am now.

Once you first start off there are no berries.

He wants this cat so lets.

let's give him dat cat.

I like the color of your skin sir.

It's very.

It's quite.

Quite the color.


(lip smack) let's.

put this together.

to make this cat.

I have like little accessories on them, I might take them off just.

just for this video so you guys know what the original looks like.





for this video.

Okay so we need two of these.

To make this green one and two green ones to make the purple one.

I don't even know if these are cats anymore.

(sigh) Let's see what you want.

You want this again? So let's try to make another one of these.

so that we can make this one (cat teleports) It's confusing at first but once you start playing it more and more you get used to it so.

This one.

And then that makes.

this cat! Oh and.

That thing I just tapped? Those are called Imposters.

They're dogs dressed up as cats but.

we all know they're undercover.



conjoined twins.



whenever you open a crate, you get a cat And I have an upgrade where sometimes when you open a grate.

(Weird noises) a CRATE.

You'll get this cat.

Let's see if I can get one.


Let's see if I can get a blue cat in one.

There we go! you see? Okay.

Conjoined Qui- Pwlah.

I almost said conjoined Quinns.

Harley Quinn is NOT in this game.

Conjoined TWINS.

While we're waiting for a new crate, let's get this fancy purple berry.

Let's look at (You're purple you get that.

) Let's look at the descriptions for all the cats.

Oh my god.

Oh ma.

Oh ma gah.

Oh ma gah.

Look at all deez cratez.

You wan- You want This together.

Oh ma gah That's a lot of cats Alright so.

I only have one diamond.

I used to have 20 To make.

the crates come faster.

But I wasted them today, I know.

I'm so.

(Lipsmack) I'm just.

so dumb sometimes.

My goal today is to try to get another cat in this world, Whenever you tap it it gives you crystals.

It's pretty neat Oh I have 51! Let's just join all these together, conjoined twins! Oh my gosh! Am I gonna be able to make a new cat? That's gonna be awesome if I can! So once I make a new cat I might stop the video there? Huh.

No thanks! Oh, not sponsored by this app by the way.

I just thought it was really cool, Not sponsored! Alright.

What's the name of that one? I'm gonna see the name of that one.

Oh, the alien's back.

What does it want? It wants this.


So basically the goal.

well there is no goal.

I guess you're supposed to get as many cats as you can? I guess? Sort of? Kind of? Oh, someone's sprouting gold.

Oh! Put these together, Lets.

Any Imposters? Not yet.

Let's buy a cat.

Let's buy a cat, let's buy.


Oh! I made another.

Ooohhh!! We can.

make another one of these.

and make a new cat! So.

I almost hit myself with my computer.

Good job me.

Ugh I need another one of these cats! Subtitles have been temporarily turned off.

Oh! Okay we have this.

You know what, I don't think I'll be able to get a new cat by the time.

By the time today's over so that's all for this video, If you enjoyed, like, subscribe if you're new, And.


That's all pretty much.


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