Maine Coon on Show Herlev 2015
Maine Coon On Show Herlev 2015

Maine Coon on Show Herlev 2015

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Maine Coon on Show Herlev 2015
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A female cat that is 3.

5 years old Fantastic good type she has this hardcore expression that i just love on a Maine Coon and that i think Maine Coons should have Super beautiful set up for show She has a fine coat quality But i would like her to be a little more soft to touch But amazing set up.

and she stands in a fantastic balance She has a fantastic head shape and i love the width in her muzzle it is super square and she has a beautiful transition to the cheekbone Beautiful, Beautiful profile line beautiful height and beautiful lift and she has a crazy depth in her chin that just builds up the hole head and it's as wide as the upper part of the muzzle and it gives her the squareness that she should have Crazy delicious expression on her beautiful placement of the ears and fine size of the ears Super delicious condition fantastic width and she's in really really good balance i get some fantastic details from her she has this outstanding expression, really hardcore I really understand why she is finished and already has received the higest titel, she is crazy delicious.

A beautiful, beautiful representative for her breed.

She gets prize of honor.

And she stays for best in variety.

He is actually the one who has the best coat quality at the moment for me the coat must feel soft and silky Super set up for show Bikini but he has really good markings on him.

and amazing colors he is actual a male 1,5 years old and he is big and tall and he is still in good shape he has fantastic leg bones and beautiful lengths he is really long and broad also He is in a super condition and beautiful broadness on him Super beautiful broad and beautiful length in his muzzle really beautiful depth and alignment in the chin and also a fine profile line I would like a little wider cheekbone on him so he gets a broader head He could use the broadness because he has a crazy long muzzle but he's only 1.

5 years old.

so he needs time to develop and that will make him more maskulin to watch and then he will fit to this body really good placement of the ears and when he get his broadness in the cheekbones the ears and earbase will be drawn a little outwards they are a little narrow for me.

but really good form on the ears Hello darling lovely temper and really really fine details on him but you can still see that he is young and still in development Here i have a Maine Coon It's a super beautiful female no doubt about that she keeps the standard for me really really high she stands in a fantastic coat quality outstanding condition she stands in a super good balance delicious expression super square muzzle beautiful transition to the cheekbones delious profile line and good height She has crazy good chin that builds the head and puts it in balance I would like to correct the nose bone a little but she not going to do that but it's a little minor detail because when i look at her she is what i am seeking when i look at a Maine Coon she got broadness,height, weight and she has these crazy beautiful ears with tuft and an outstanding expression she gets my best veteran today Now we have the votes for the males in category 2 All judges agrees all judges have votes for cat number 178 that becomes our best in show male It look like we have the votes Bette has voted for cat 63 Anne has voted for cat 193 Marie has voted for cat 203 Lene has voted for cat 63 Alessandro has voted for cat 193 I don't how much you have been following along but this is not good because we got 2 votes for cat 63 and 2 votes for cat 193 Marie has to decide the winner because Marie voted for another cat so she get to decide between these two and it's cat number 193 Marie has voted for cat number 179 Alessandro has voted for cat 52 bette has voted for 52 Anne voted for 52 and lene has voted for 52 52 becomes best in show.