Making a terrible cat toy with William Osman
Making A Terrible Cat Toy With William Osman

Making a terrible cat toy with William Osman

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Making a terrible cat toy with William Osman
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*umm* we're making a.

cat toy and we're wondering if we could maybe try it out on some cats? It's like.


Have you ever seen a whack-a-mole? Carroll?? We have some people who would like to try some toys out on our cats.

have your own anger you can do all sortsof stuff we made these little would you want fingers that will push the toys upthrough the lack of etc how do I hold the pointy might we might be might actlike cut this down hmm doesn't pass won't do it your Hangul have like a hotglue up it's so terrible as terrible but Louis here – they always hide our go fora height record whoops looks festive what if another dollar so I get like abell that's like coral that's like coconutflutter yellow rubber bands gum you think they're gonna let us do this Idon't know it will be appealing enough they can't say now look at this casealright it works much what not against a coaster this one goes downthis is worth Manu a business asking if we can play with their cats with thisthing we clearly spent too much time on both of them now I don't know but Iexactly what I sell it I'm sorry you think maybe it's better if we don't showthis to them before we ask yeah just walk up there hello we're making a cattoy and we're wondering if we could maybe try try it out on some cats Carolshe's interested Wrigley's gum with was a bad job waiting three over there Ifeel like we spend more time making this in the cats been playing with it througha control test oh okay look yeah I think we should justtake this out back and throw it and trash I'm everything Cailinthanks for watching and we're William Hoffman William in husband this actuallyturned out I don't know how I feel about that that is an overstatement bad is anoverstatement but their work has involved a pity play it was decent alsoif you want to win a cat shirt leave a comment below and we'll make williamsend you in yeah just walk up there and ask okay we have something that we werehoping to cut out with your tab like this we have a serious youtube channel it almost looks like you were cuttingsomething for tentacles trail here the weird thing to make any ordinary personto make things but I do know William.

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