New Cat Breeds: Meet the Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob
New Cat Breeds Meet The Hairless Sphynxiebob And Bambob

New Cat Breeds: Meet the Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob

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New Cat Breeds: Meet the Hairless SphynxieBob And BamBob
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00:10APRIL: It was my dream to produce an adorable bobtail cat that everyone would be able toenjoy.

00:16COMM: April Arguin of Jacksonville, Florida has successfully introduced two new cat breedsinto the world.

SphynxieBob, and the BamBob.

00:25APRIL: The SphynxieBob looks identical to a regular Sphynx, has the gorgeous big roundears and the hairless features, the only difference that makes them superior and unique is theshort little bobtail.

00:42APRIL: Unique feature of the BamBob is they're identical to the bambino cat which is a hairlesscat that carries the gene for short legs so they have the same awesome looks and short,cute little swagger but they have a short bobtail.

00:57APRIL: You are the world's first ever.

01:01COMM: With help from her mother Wendy, April has spent the last three years attemptingto create her new breeds.

01:12APRIL: We had to really do our research before we started into the breed before we even didthe very first pairing and make sure that the genetics were all appropriate to combinetogether.

We got expert advice from our veterinarian and really made sure that we were going tobe producing beautiful healthy cats.

01:28APRIL: So the hairless gene in the sphinx cat is a recessive gene so the first generationall are actually gonna be produced with fur like a normal cat, so then we chose the bestkitten from that litter and we bred them again back to a hairless cat and then the finalproduct is the hairless bobtail kittens.

It takes three generations to get the hairlessgene back into the kitten and carry on the bobtail.

01:53WENDY: I'm really proud of my daughter and what she's accomplished with this breed andjust the amount of work and dedication she has for it is just incredible.

02:05COMM: With their inquisitive personalities, April insists that these hairless cats arethe perfect companions.

02:10APRIL: We call them velcro kitties, they need to be with you, and on you and in bed withyou everywhere you go.

They are wonderful with children.

They love to interact and play.

They're very outgoing and social.

There's a lot of people that come to us every dayto adopt these cats because they have severe allergies to cats and they can't toleratethe fur.

02:30COMM: April is currently trying to get her new breeds recognised at the rare and exoticfeline registry.

02:36APRIL: They require a certain number of kittens to be born first and so we are waiting fora few more litters of kittens before we'll able to be fully registered.

It's definitelya passion, it's not a business or something I do with the goal or intention of makingmoney.

We do this for the betterment of the breed and really just the passion of sharingthese amazing creatures with the world.