Ocelot ATTACK!
Ocelot Attack

Ocelot ATTACK!

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Ocelot ATTACK!
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– I'm Coyote Peterson,and this is an ocelot.

Hi, buddy, ah, jeeze,bit me right in the face.

(wild music) There's an old saying thatthings go bump in the night.

And if you are outexploring the darkness of Costa Rica's most diverseregion, the Osa Peninsula, those things that go bump also stalk stealthily in the shadows.

Just before they charge,pounce and attack.

Woah, that's a wild ocelot.

It's just right here at my feet.

Look at that, how cool is that? Fortunately for me, in the encounter youare about to witness, I was about to become a playmate and not an item on therainforest nightly menu.

Okay, so let me tell youwhat we have going on here, this is really unique.

Now, we're outnight night herping, looking for reptilesand amphibians, walking down thetrail, I literally stop and I'm shining my lighton this giant wolf spider.

Biggest wolf spiderI've ever seen.

And out of the darkness,I hear (pitter patter) and boom, an ocelot justzooms right past me.

Now lemme see if Ican get her back.

She likes my snake stick.

(clacking) Wait for this.

There she is.

See that, she's gonnacome right up here.

Ah, ah, she's attacking my arm.

Where are you? Come here.

There she is.

Look what I've got in my hands, look at that ocelot.

Hey, buddy.

Wow, and she is a lotheavier than you would think.

Okay, can you stayhere for the scene? We can play withthe snake stick.

She's gonna be all over theplace while we're filming.

This is a wild cat, howevershe is used to humans.

She hangs out on this trail, we were told if youwalk this trail at night there's a good chanceyou will come across her.

Let's see, what else do I maybehave for you to play with? Let's see what we'vegot in my pack.

I'm sure there'ssomething in here that a little ocelot would love.

Oh, yeah, there we go.

Took the pack off andnow she's on my back.

Maybe just the pack itself.

Look at that.

Oh yeah, wrestle with the pack? Wrestle with the pack, huh? Get it, get it.

Look at that coloration.

Now this cat blends soperfectly into it's environment, all this cryptic patterningallows him to stay hidden in shadows as they're movingthrough all of this foliage.

Come here.

You come here for a second.

I'm just gonna holdon to you.

(growl) Rawr, and take the riskof a bite and a scratch.

A paw to the face,a paw to the face? How about a littlebelly rub? (meow) Yeah, I hear you talking.

You've got that pack? (meow) Can you see her face? Woah, look at that.

Now this is justlike a big housecat.

She's only abouthalf grown right now, but look, she weighsabout 25 pounds.

Oh, I see you, oh,yeah, okay, oh, ah.

Oh, she's biting my ear.

Oh, she bite, ow.

Was that a kiss or a bite? Oh, you're so cute,you're so cute, you are.

Don't go for my jugular, though.

These cats are lethalonce fully grown and they can take down prettymuch anything that's out here in the Costa Riccan rainforest.

All they have to do is run,leap, sink in those front claws and then a bite to thejugular and she's got a meal.

Wooh, that was crazy.

Kissed by an ocelot.

Where'd you go? (rattling) There she is.

And the pounce.

– [Crewman] Woah, (mumbles)got the cameraman.

– [Coyote] Now she hasfound the microphone.

– [Crewman] No, no, no, uh oh.

I think we need a new mic.

– [Coyote] We just need onefor an ocelot to play with.

– [Crewman] I knew itwas a matter of time.

– I was expecting creepycrawlies, not something as cute, woah, as an ocelot.

Hey you, you've gottaget that landing down, you know that? That's what she does, she'sbeen leaping, come here, from log to log and sheliterally launches over the log.

Oh, woah, "Letgo," she says, oh.

– [Crewman] So,Coyote, is this rare? – This is probablythe most unique thing I have ever done with an animal.

Ah, yeah, she's got ahold of me now, there.

See, that's what she'd want,she's going for the jugular, hopefully she justdoesn't bite me hard, ah.

Okay, alright, I'mkeeping my eyes closed, so I don't take aclaw in the eyeball.

That would be bad.

Look at this.

– [Crewman] Justso everybody knows, this is not a captive animal.

– No, this is a wildocelot, 100% wild right now.

I would never recommendyou go out in the wild and ever try to getthis close to an ocelot because if it didn't wanna play, it could really dosome serious damage.

And she is justloving me right now.

You are just the most adorablething I think I've ever met.

Wow, yeah, probably did anumber on my hat, didn't you? Let's see.

– [Crewman] So is this a kitten? – This is a kitten, she'sprobably only a few months old and you can see thosepaws, come here, let's take a look at your paws.

You see those paws right there? I see, yeah, you're tryingto whack me in the face with those paws.

Those paws are howthey climb so well through thisrainforest ecosystem.

Is she behind me right now? – [Crewman] Yeah, you'reprobably gonna get pounced.

– I feel like when I makethese sort of movements, that's when she pounces.

And that's what they do,they creep up really slowly, staying hidden, and then they see a suddenmovement like this, ah, and they do that,a paw in the mouth, they go right for the neck,or the head in this case, ah, jeeze, I just gotbit in the eye.

And then they have their dinner.

Ouch, oh, oh, she'slicking my ear.

That feels weird, I've neverhad my ear licked before by an ocelot, firsttime for everything.

Ah, yep, that's good she'straining right there, she's going for theback of my neck.

Hopefully she's not gonnainflict that death wound.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ahh.

Yeah, okay, alright,yes, you're there.

I see you, you're so playful.

Now if I was one ofher litter mates, this is exactly howshe's be playing.

You know, those claws aresharp, the teeth are sharp, I'm getting slight littleitty bitty punctures here and there, butnothing I can't take.

Not to be this close to sucha cool rainforest creature.

I'm Coyote Peterson,be brave, stay wild, we'll see you onthe next adventure.

I'm sure it's probablypretty hard to believe what you've just witnessed.

Coyote Peterson, pal-ingaround with a wild ocelot.

But believe it or not,it's completely true.

For nearly threehours, this curious cat followed the crew and Ithrough the rainforest as we observed andfilmed her behaviorisms in a totally natural habitat.

This sort of an encounterwith a wild animal is something onecan only dream of.

And I feel incredibly fortunate to have shared thesemoments in time with one truly special cat.

If you thought hanging outwith an ocelot was cool, make sure to check out the scene where she tried to eat a crab.

And don't forget, subscribeto join me and the crew on this season ofBreaking Trail.

(nature sounds).

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