Ringworm Treatment For Cats Over The Counter
Ringworm Treatment For Cats Over The Counter

Ringworm Treatment For Cats Over The Counter

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Ringworm Treatment For Cats Over The Counter
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Ringworm Treatment For Cats Over The Counter – An over the counter remedy for ringworm in cats is best administered after conducting a vet check. Ringworm is a contagious infection that is caused by fungi called Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypsum. This fungal disease generally manifests itself on the cat’s skin, hair and nails. Since ringworm is highly contagious and may pose a danger to pet owners, the status ought to be treated at the earliest.

If your pet suffers from the disease he can discard ringworm spores in the environment. The cat’s brushes, mats, and bedding can function as carriers of the infection. Even if your pet recovers from ringworm, he might become a carrier of the infection for life. Such pets do not exhibit the signs of ringworm but they could shed the disease and pass it on to other pets.

In some pets, the signs of ringworm subside without the administration of any drugs. Pet owners must, therefore, diagnose and treat this fungal disease once the symptoms arise.

Symptoms of psoriasis include:

Tiny lesions on the skin
The presence of pustules in skin lesions
Scaly skin
reduction of hair
Malformation of the claws
Itchy Ears
Over the Counter Medications for Ringworm
If the vet has decided that your cat is suffering from ringworm disease, your pet may be prescribed specific antifungal medications such as Ketoconazole. While this medication has to be administered just according to the vet’s instructions you will find a couple other over the counter medications which you can utilize to assist your cat. Among the most frequently used drugs to treat ringworm in cats is called Clotrimazole.

Even though it’s safe to use Clotrimazole in your pet’s skin, you must examine the same with the vet as certain over the counter medications cause drug interactions when they are paired with other prescription medications.

Clotrimazole is a medicated lotion that has anti-fungal properties. It comprises the active ingredient Clotrimazole and a blend of several inactive ingredients such as Ceto stearyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, and octyl dodecanol. This lotion is safe for use on both kittens and cats. You’ll need to apply a little bit of medicine to the affected regions on the pet’s body.

Make sure the product does not come in contact with the cat:

You should also avoid using the product on the pet for a period of over 14 days. When some pets show signs of improvement soon after the drug was applied, others do not react to the medication. Should this happen, you must take the pet back to the vet for treatment.

If you are applying products such as Clotrimazole in your pet, you should take precautions and wash your hands thoroughly after you touch the item. You might also wear gloves while applying for the medicine on your own cat as ringworm infections can easily be transmitted from cats to people. You should take the cat to the vet to find a skin culture test done, to learn if your pet is now a provider of ringworm for life.

Since ringworm infections cause your pet plenty of discomfort, they need to be treated whenever possible. You also need to take other preventative measures to stop your cat from contracting such fungal infections in the future.

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