Sphynx Cats are Gross Poop Machines
Sphynx Cats Are Gross Poop Machines

Sphynx Cats are Gross Poop Machines

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Sphynx Cats are Gross Poop Machines
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Hey, guys! What's up? It's Mike.

The other day, we got a littlevisit from our neighbor, and she had a little request.

Well, she was goingaway for the weekend, and she wanted us to watchafter her sphinx cat.

You know, those hairless,terrifying little beasts? And the only thingI could think was, I don't want to befollowed around the house by a little tiger fetus all day.

But of course Zoya waslike, come on, it's a cat, and it's just forthe weekend, lets do it, several other things.

I kinda– I zonedout after awhile.

And I said no, no, bad,bad– she hates that– bad.

No cat.

No cat.


Eventually, Zoya got realfed up and just walked away, and I turned to myneighbor and said, I'm not watchingyour sphinx cat.

Sphinx cats are wild animals.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Sphinx cats are hairless becauseof genetic mutation and cross breeding.

And it's not like a cool,superhero genetic mutation.

They're just bald.

Did you know you've got towash these things like once a week because their skinis prone to bacteria, and excretes thingslike oils, and it makes me thingslike freaked out? Any creepy naked animal whoexcretes things from its skin is going to be ageneral no from me.

We're going to need handsanitizer just to pet it.

Having one of thesethings is a lot like having one of those oldschool Woolly Willy games.

Only replace the magnetswith germs and excretions.

Here's a fun fact,compared to other cats, their ears produce anabundance of dark earwax.

This is making literallyany other breed of cat not that bad of an idea.

Because of its hairlessness, isextremely sensitive to the sun, and extremelysensitive to the cold.

That's fun.

It's a fun knock-out collabo.

So we've got sunburn on oneside, hypothermia on the other, you combine themboth, you just have a pissed off, uncomfortable pet.

Major, if you can'thandle it, GTFO.

Sphinx cats defecate, the poops,twice as much as normal cats.

Every new fact is making mewant one of these a lot more.

Sphinx cats, like alot of other cats, require a series of vaccines.

They get them at six toeight weeks, 11 to 13 weeks, and 16 to 18 weeks.

Not to mention theshots that we're going to need to getrid of all the scabies.

Just real quick, arewe babysitting a cat, or a bag of diseases? Not to mention, ifyou end up falling in love with thisthing, it's going to cost me anywherefrom 8 to $1,500, which is one of many reasonswhy we can't baby sit our neighbor's sphinx cat.