Sterling Silver ‘Cat’ Sugar Box – Antique Edwardian – AC Silver (A6909)
Sterling Silver Cat Sugar Box Antique Edwardian Ac Silver A6909

Sterling Silver ‘Cat’ Sugar Box – Antique Edwardian – AC Silver (A6909)

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Sterling Silver ‘Cat’ Sugar Box – Antique Edwardian – AC Silver (A6909)
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Hello my name is Andrew Campbell, welcometo AC Silver.

This fine and impressive antique Edwardiansterling silver sugar box is quite an exceptional example.

It has been realistically modelled in theform of a cat.

The surface is embellished with embossed andchased decoration reproducing the details of the cat's anatomical features and fur.

The upper rim has been modelled in the formof the cat's collar and is encircled with impressive collet set coloured glass ornamentation.

The box retains the original push fit cover.

The chest and forehead of the cat are embellishedwith further large oval collet set gem designs.

All the decoration is sharp.

Hallmarks struck to the body and sleeve ofthe cover are very clear.

At a weight of 12.

2 troy ounces the pieceis an excellent gauge of silver.

Certainly the piece can be considered to bein presentation condition.

The highlighted features of this exceptionalsugar box make it one that could be sold with my highest recommendations.

If you require any further information orassistance regarding this exceptional box, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephoneor email.