Take Care of a Scottish fold | Scottish fold Cat breed info & Facts
Take Care Of A Scottish Fold Scottish Fold Cat Breed Info Facts

Take Care of a Scottish fold | Scottish fold Cat breed info & Facts

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Take Care of a Scottish fold | Scottish fold Cat breed info & Facts
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Scottish folds are sweet and charming mediumsized cat breed.

They are very intelligent and affectionatecats.

They were first discovered in Scotland inmid-20th century but many trace back their origin to China.

The first recognized Scottish fold was bornon a farm in Scotland.

All the Scottish folds today trace back theirancestry to that first known cat named “Susie”.

Although their name suggests, but not allScottish fold born with folded ears.

They have two types Folded ears and straightears.

Food is an important factor which will defineyour cat’s health, life span etc.

Cats are carnivores means they must eat meat.

Choose a high quality food for Scottish fold.

Check the ingredients of your product andmake sure it has meat as an important component.

Meat may be beef, chicken, turkey or in anyother form.

You can give your cat wet or dry food.

Make sure her diet contains a lot of protein.

How much you should feed your cat dependson your cat’s activity level and health.

Adult cats are usually fed twice a day.

Consult your vet about diet and number ofmeals per day.

Overfeeding may cause obesity in your cat.

Make sure your cat has an easy access to water.

Clean and fresh water in a clean bowl shouldbe available every time to your cat.

Grooming is essential for your cat and dependson the hair type of your cat.

Long haired Scottish fold needs to be brusheddaily, While short haired needs to brushed one or two times in a week.

Use a wire slicker brush or steel comb andbrush in the direction of hair growth to whole body.

Scottish fold kittens need a little groominghowever when they reaches 4 or 5 months of age, they shed a lot.

Brush them regularly to avoid their fur beingmatted or tangled.

Trim your Scottish fold cat nails regularlyafter almost two weeks.

Make her used to nail trimming by praise andgiving treats.

Trim only white outgrown part of nail.

Brush their teeth regularly.

Recommended is daily, or should be done onceor twice a week.

Use tooth paste and brush formulated for catsonly.

Scottish folds have folded ears.

Clean the ears of your Scottish fold regularlyusing a damp cloth or cotton ball.

In case of any wax, debris or infection, takeher to a vet.

Bathing your Scottish fold is not much requiredhowever, it is good for cleaning dirt etc.

Bath her usually once a week.

Put some warm water in a bathtub, slowly putwater on your cat using a cup.

Use a good cat shampoo on your cat and thenrinse off thoroughly with water.

Use a clean towel to make her dry.

Litter box is a must requirement for yourScottish fold cat.

Provide her a litter box.

Make sure it is clean.

Check it twice a day for cleanliness sinceyour cat may only use litter box when it is clean.

Wash it thoroughly with a soap after almosttwo weeks and refill it with new, fresh litter.

Socialization is very important for your Scottishfold.

It will help her in proper growth and mentalstimulation.

Introduce your cat to new places and peoples.

Let her explore your house and surroundingsto become familiar with it.

Gradually introduce her to new cat or dogsand have a check on her behavior.

Scottish folds are very friendly and affectionatecats.

It is a perfect choice for families havingchildren, cat and dogs.

They are not only affectionate towards theirowner but may also develop a bond with other members of family.

Exercise activities are very important formental stimulation and physical growth of your Scottish fold.

Scottish folds love to exercise and play withtheir owners.

Give them proper attention and spend qualitytime with them.

Play with your Scottish fold for at least30 minutes each day since they love human interaction.

You can provide her another cat to play andexercise with.

Scottish folds are dog friendly and even canmake a bond with dog.

If they are left without exercise, they maylive their life as sedentary indoor cats.

They would love to roam or hunt outside, ifgiven opportunity.

Without proper exercise they may become overweight.

Not only obesity but also mental and physicalgrowth can also be disturbed by less exercise.

Scottish fold cats have average life of 15years but there are some health issues only related to their breed.

Take your Scottish fold to a vet or breederregularly.

Have your cat checked up and vaccinated.

Know about Scottish fold cat special nutritionaland health needs.

Faulty breeding between two Scottish foldscan cause several abnormalities and health problems.

Cats that inherit folded ear genes from bothparents are more susceptible to joint diseases.

They may have stiffened legs and tail whichcan reduce their lifespan.

That’s why it is considered as an unethicalpractice to mate two folded ear cats.

Breeders usually mate folded ears cat withstraight ears cat.

Scottish folds need special attention andtime.

They also have some specific health and groomingrequirements.

So you should think twice before taking Scottishfold as your pet.

Scottish folds love human interaction andthrive in a family.

They can easily adopt themselves with otheranimals, children and places as long as they are not alone.

If you live alone or have long work hours,then you should reconsider adopting a Scottish fold.

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