The Cat in Heat (La Gatta in Calore) – Full Movie by Film&Clips
The Cat In Heat La Gatta In Calore Full Movie By Filmclips

The Cat in Heat (La Gatta in Calore) – Full Movie by Film&Clips

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The Cat in Heat (La Gatta in Calore) – Full Movie by Film&Clips
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Shall we get married?- Yes You know I’m a wild dog?-l know.

But I’m presumptuous and stubborn.

– Yes? And I’m sure you’ll returnhome very often.

You have faith we can still make love?-And why not’? Sorry, it’s about the housenext door.

The agency tow me to some here,for the key.

Do you want to see the house?- No.

I’ve already rented it,but they told rne that for the key.

Yes, we have n.

Is he dead’? Yes.

Don’t you want to know? He wanted to hurt youand you shot mm.

I loved him.

Did you know? Say something.

L-le laughed,he didn’t want to believe it.

He left w a hurry,and he fell there.


Didn’t you think of me? Don’t you love me anymore? Don’t you have me’? Which one should I wear’?-The pink one with the white trim.

Found them?- Yes, X found them.

What ls n about these sheets? But I’m sure the gentleman knows.

-You’re the usual gossip.

Like I don’t know.

At your age.

Eight days of bread and water.

-Can’t you think of anything else? I won’t say anymore,don’t worry After the years pass,and you become fat like me.

AH I can do now ls eat.

Oh, God!Dinner.

Need a hand’?-No, I’ll be right down.

I’m hungry- I thought you’d forgotten.

-Why? With all the things youhave to do.

What use is a secretary if she can’tremember a wedding anniversary? You’re joking,but I bet that’s what happened.

You laugh about it, did she tell youwhen you were in bed together? I hope you’re not jealous? <i>Yes.

– Of my secretary’?</i> Of your work’you’re never home.

I warned you I’m a stray dogwho loves his job.

What a brass neck.

In principal, though, youalways found the time.

You were always stuck tomy night dress.

Night dress? Shall we go to bed’?- Yes Let me In.

And give rne my clothes.

Give me my shoes.

Here’s the first shoe.

Second shoe.

Give me back my bag.

-And the bag! <i>L</i> WY you.

Who do you think you are? Not even a whore wouldwant to be with you.

Well?What’s wrong? It’s not like I’m going tofight in a war.

When are you coming back?-Saturday.

I promise I’ll stay for a while,I’ll send someone else.

I’m sorry about last night,I didn’t notice I’d fallen asleep.

I have you.

– Me too.

Hurry back.

But he’s destroying the garden,dear god.

What do you mean you can’tdo anything? The other residents agreewith me He’s ruining the neighbourhood,there must be something.

Aren’t there any clauses?Yes, yes.

They can do what they wantto the” garden What kind of regulations are they? And he behaves badly,very badly.

He has women turning upat all hours of the night.

Outside as well.

And naked,if it interests you? Of course I’ll call the police.

Hello? It’s you, my have.

Nothing, I’m fine.

There’s nothing wrong with me.

No, I didn’t feel like goingto the cinema.

I’ve been in bed since ten.

No, I’m fine.

I have a slight headache.

What are you doing?When are you coming back? But.

You said you’d stayfor.

Yes, X understand.

Yes, my have.

Okay Sure, I know it’s veryimportant for you.


I’ll wait for you.

My love! Come back soon.

Come back soon.

Why didn’t you tell me.

– I did n.

How could I? And you didn’t understand.

-These things should be discussed.

These things shouldn’t be said.

And when the time comes to ask.

It’s late.

Don’t you think? Damned things.

Damned things.

Cut it out, you.

Dogs these days.

Just look at that.

He’s nuts,he really ls nuts.

There’s someone in the garden.

Don’t move.

Damned things.

It’s hard to know what you haveto do with these strange cars I was wormed the batterywould go flat.

I saw the lights on and I didn’twant to disturb you.

I just couldn’t find theright button! Did I wake you?-No.


Thank you.

Do you feel how cold it is?Seems like February.

And you’re going around like that?You’ve got a cough.

It’s not cold,it’s the cigarettes.

Damned things.

And some of us are hot.

With all those bottles heleaves lying around.

I’m going to finish my tour.

They should use labels in that car.

Yes, you’re right.

-What about when you’re driving? You can’t remember all of them.

Good day.

What Mme was n?- Four.

Five?I don’t know.

Perhaps no one heard the shot?The doorman didn’t mention it.

I should get dressed.

What do people do in thesesituations? Do you call?Or <i>go.


To the police?-There’s still time.

I think I’m the first person around hereto notice what’s happened.

What do you want to know?-Everything.

It wouldn’t serve any purpose.

-I’ll decide that.

Why do you want to suffer’?Because it matter.

Yes? It started by chance.

You were away and I felt lonely.

-That’s no justification.

X know.

My mother waned for my father.

For four years,during the war.

I don’t think ne ever didanything bad to her.

But you’re nothing like your mother.



The solitude weighed heavily on me.

Even if I did everything tonot let her get to me.

Then I found that note.

‘Thanks for the wonderful trip,kisses, Laura’ It needed a clean up.

-it took a while for you to notice.

It needed a clean up.

-it took a while for you to notice.

No, I noticed straight away,but I don’t like being told what to do.

You take but you don’tgive back, eh’? Don’t you feel ma?- I’m used to it Have you been to the north pole?-Regina Caeli, but it’s the same thing.

You’ve been to prison? It’s not difficult.

With a bit of goodwill youcan go there yourself.

Whenever you want.

How’? Does it mean a lot to you’? Ior a fine woman like you,it’s not recommended.

You just need two grams of grass.

-l-lash or marijuana, I imagine? My compliments, I see the middleclasses have made some progress.

Do you still smoke that stuff’?Me’? No, no.

Prison is too cold and damp,I don’t like it.

Come on, let’s go.


Shall I call a doctor?-No, no.

But why’?What did they want from you’? You saw them,I asked for n.


So you’re spying on me?No, I saw you.

I must have put on a showmore than once for you.

But mine are more authentic than theones you import from Denmark.

To overcome (he boredom.

You’re hurting me.


I have to go now.

I have you.

You scare me.

But how’? Don’t you know loveis a middle class feeling? Wrong,middle class people don’t have feelings.

You mean you did n on purpose? Because of that stupid note thatdidn’t mean anything.

No- No’.

7 Don’t tell me it was love.

Don’t tell me you loved him.

Anyone can be good forcertain things.

Is that what you really think?-l_ove is something else.

What ls n?A telephone? Didn’t you ever think about whatI was doing here, alone? When you weren’t here.

The boredom, day after day.

Waiting for you.

The thoughts that come to you.

My desires.

-You’re depraved.


Right, my mother waitedfor four years.

But my father couldn’t come back.

– Nor can I It’s not true,you could come back.

But <i>between me</i> and work,<i>you chose work.

</i> You preferred to dedicateeverything to it.

And me’? How can the wife of asuccessful man complain? Don’t think it was a stupid fling.

-What was it then’? The fear.

Was he blackmailing you?-I wasn’t scared of him.

But maybe you can’t understand.

This is nuts!Have they killed the pig? Why?- Sorry.

Did you cut yourself?-The drill.

I promised my wife I’d workon the garage.

I’m sorry,but n suns you.

You see you shouldn’t beusing a drill.

You’re an engineer, not a drillist.

-A driller.

Like I was saying,you’re the educated one.

Goodbye’ sorry for disturbing you.

Good day.

We need to clean,there’s blood everywhere.


Anyone around? Look at that,he left all the lights on.

Anyone around? What’s the point’? They’ll arrest you as well.

I’m calling the police.

-l said no.

Are you doing this for me,or your career? What kind of paintings are they? This guy even puts colours inhis soup, I’m telling you.

He’s nuts.

I always said he’s nuts.

Sure, someone who paintspictures like that.

You’ve outlived your lover.

It’s better (ms way.

They’ll never be able tofind the pistol What are you going to do? What are you going to do? We’ll see when it gets dark.

He must have had a certain vitality.

To meet your needs.

You chose well.

My have.

But why did you startusing again’? I never stepped.

I really wanted to stop.

-You promised me.

Yes, yes,I promised you.

Do you remember that night.

The first time you came here.

-Yes, I remember.

It wasn’t about women.

They wanted to be sure I’dstart using again.

They thought I stopped in prison.

-But you didn’t’? But I did.

But I wasn’t expecting anything exceptto be convinced cf the opposite.

Why? Because if I don’t take drugs,I can’t hold a paintbrush.

And this doesn’t disgust you?-What? Such an artificial approach.

-Why’? I use what’s mine,I always pay from my pocket.

Then why did you want kill yourself? Because it still disgusts rne.

The harder you to tryto get out.

The deeper you fall intothis world of shit.

He’s the one who wantsthose paintings.

He always gives the orders.

-it’s easy to blame others.

You’ll never understand.

Because you’re one ofthem as well.

He had excluded me.

All of a sudden.

He had returned to hissolitary world.

After giving me what youdidn’t give me anymore.

And it wasn’t just something physical.

It was.

the recklessness,the freedom.

The illusion of always being twenty.

When you and I travelledfor an entire day.

To meet half way,rather than be together.

For an hour, at East.

Here she is.

-it’s her! Right, she came for the orgy.

Make yourself comfortable.

Smoke? That’s expensive stuff.

Won’t you get undressed?- We’H heXp you You won’t regret n.

Go an’ smoke as well.

Undress her.

How did you do it?-In the kitchen.

A cigarette burn’?-I touched the stove, yesterday.

Why don’t you let Elsado such things? Am I fired?-Why’? Why the third degree?-What’s wrong with you? Me’?Nothing.

Do you want to come with me? To wait for you in a hotel?-You might like <i>it.

</i> You’ve never been to Stockholm.

Will you some’? No.

If you want to end this,why don’t you hang up? We’re all so keen to see you.

We can’t see you by the window,what are you doing’? You’re missing out.


Can you hear us at least’?Can you hear us? Say something.

I’m kissing her.

Look, Efleerfs here now as well.

Come on.

Come down.

Go on Are you still there? I made a bet with Eileen,she says no.

But I’m sure you’ll return to me,and on my terms.


I’m right, aren’t I? On my terms.

Are you going to continueusing that stuff’? Yes.

It only makes you hate more.

If the world is so full of hatred,as you say.

You can’t win with hate.

You only ever think about love,it’s all bullshit.

It doesn’t exist,like god doesn’t exist.

We invent them becausewe need to.

And we’re cowards.

You 10W me you loved me once.

Yes, and I believed it.

Didn’t you say the same thing toyour husbance once, no? Have you forgotten’? And you believed it,when you said it.

So you think I’m here for.


It’s perfectly natural.

Haven’t you seen a cat in heat? Hi, kitty.

What are you doing?Not answering now’? Have you become mute’? Kitty, we’re coming.

KM’!- You shouldn’t have hung up the phone,you forced us to come to you.

I don’t want to see you anymore.

-What’? It’s already over? I didn’t know how to getrid of you before.

Now you talk about love! ‘(owe drunk.

– Yes, Pm drunk.

But I still want to know.

What is love’? Man’s consolation on earth? Do you hear them?Nice words.

Your scent has arrived inthe house.

The oat in heat is being persuedby all the other cats.

Let go of me.

Let go of me,coward Feel like it, kitty? AH for one and one for all.


Go on’ shoot.

You’re loaded on that stuff.

It would be self defense,shoot.

Perhaps you’re thinking of howto tell your husband? Go away.

Don’t worry about him,I bet he knows everything.

We’ll just embarrass him a little.

Yes, it’s true.

I knew.

I also saw you one night.

In each others arms.

That’s why you shot mm.

Because he had tow you the truth.

You drift love me enough,to not stand for another man.

I loved you a lot.

-Well then? Don’t tell me that for your work.

– Why not? K was my work For ambmon.

Work is a drug as well.

The more you dedicate to it, the less younotice how conditioned you’re becoming.

At a certain point.

It takes you in a frenzy,you feel weightless.

You think that for all the rest.

There will be time later.

Then you find yourselfold and wed.

AH of a sudden.

In certain things.

You also accept the subtxtute.

Don’t run like that,Iiffi.

Don’t run.

Come here, Iiffi.

Where are you going?I told you to come here.

Do you hear me?I said some here.

Come here.

What are you doing under there? Come here.

Please, Fiffi.

Come here.

What have you got in your mouth?Give it here.

Damn n.

Don’t make me run.

I’ll move the car,we’ll put it round the back.

Antonio, I.


Put it in reverse and giveit some gas.

I’ll try to push it.

Need a hand’? No, thanks.

It’s not going to start.

Try to put something underneath.

-I’ll try now, thanks.

Two people need to push.

-We already tried.

You and me and the lady in the car.

-No, thank you.

Don’t go out of your way.

Heavens no.

I’m not going out of my way,not at all.

Good evening, lady.

We’ll be able to do it together.

No, Pasquale.

In this cold? No, I have to make it up toyou for this morning.

Get In.

Come on.

<i>Push, push.

</i> Goodnight.

Goodnight, lady.

Where Is he’? His music.

He always played that record.

I’ll send for my thingstomorrow.

I shouldve realised earlier that itwasn’t the right place for rne.

I woke up a few hours ago,under the car.

I was so drunk last night.

Maybe it would’ve been better if thatbullet didn’t just scrape me.

For me, X mean.

Maybe you were right.

I believe that thing does exist.

Subtitled by Merlin,January 2010.

Source: Youtube