The Cats Of My House | VLOG
The Cats Of My House Vlog

The Cats Of My House | VLOG

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The Cats Of My House | VLOG
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Hello everyone! My name is Amarna Miller and this is my Youtube channel Today I am making a special video because I'll talk about cats in my house Many of you are asking me here and my "rides" social ¿Rides? Will my social rides? What? Many of you are asking me here and my social networks who are the cats that appear all the time in my videos and photos People believe that these cats are mine but no! I have no cat but I care for many In the area where I live in Los Angeles There are a lot of stray cats and some of them are pretty home and as we give them food and water, they are part of the family I will explain one by one, who's who and how they ended up in my house The first cat is Bermuda It is the most have seen that Bermuda is the cat of my boyfriend It is the only one living in the house and it is very fluffy, and very soft and sweet When I'm not in the US, I miss much, much less It is a male of 11 years and is very elegant and pampered When hungry makes a silent meow until I got up and give food And not only that When hungry in the morning, we slowly lifts the face arañándonos Blinds also licks the room, causing this sound so annoying to rise up And you have this fun trick! Where he turns on itself to put the legs under the door so we get up He will not ask for caresses, but if you caress and coddle, worshippeth Purrs a lot The second house cat is Muffin Muffin is a female and used to be our neighbor's cat but he likes being outdoors too and ran away from home in the end, it has ended up being a cat street She is super, super dominant and almost every day is fighting with other cats from home It is a kind of fat cat but his legs are very short so go in a fun way It's super social with humans and loves fondling but only in the head, if you caress the body surely you scratch or bite you Miau translation – Spanish You are not subscribed to the channel of Amarna Miller? Do not talk to me anymore, bitch The following is Ginger Cat I've always said that Ginger is like the weirdo sister It is a totally stray cat and has trust issues with humans but it is quite social with other kittens He hates to be petted.

You can never catch and it is as highly suspicious.

Always, at all times The next cat is Langston It is also a female and came to our garden when it was extremely small It was a kitten of this size So, the capture and we went to see her veterinarian but, after review, I had an infection, so we had to quedárnosla indoors for nearly two weeks And since then, he hates us It is also a stray cat but take care of it He has learned to climb to the second floor of our house, where there is always an open window Sometimes you find yourself suddenly this little kitten in the middle of the house Currently it has as 1 year, maybe less but it is very small It is also a bit spoiled bitch Not let him caress but if you're able to catch her and pet her so purrs and loves you Every morning we wake waits at the gate and just look at us and meows until we give food And the last kitten The cat house is mysterious! The mysterious kitten appeared 2 weeks ago and it is the cutest little thing and littlest world I do not know, do not know if it is a female or a male because we have not been able to catch him But if we do, I will write another video talking about the mysterious kitty Kitty, kitty.

I can say this word There are also two special guests in the house Cashew and Tuxedo Cashew and Tuxedo are males, so that does not much like Muffin And every time they try to come for food, she's a little bitch with them But they come now and then, and sometimes we can even caress These were all house cats! Now you know who's who I hope you enjoyed this video I love kitties but unfortunately, as a result of my lifestyle I can not take responsibility for having one for me I travel too much and I move a lot, so would not be liable to have a cat But.

while I can take care of all these kittens and I feel very happy about it Plus We are training Bermuda to carry a leash and a harness, to bring with us for travel And it's very cute Please! Follow me on my social networks and let me your opinion on this video in the comments See you next Tuesday! Cats, cats, cats, cats all love Comment on this video if you could not stop watching the fork.

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