The Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World
The Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

The Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

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The Five Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World
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The Ashera cat can rarely be seen offeredfor sale for less than £12,000, and good examples of the breed can change hands for over £60,000! Understandably,the Ashera cat is extremely rare and unusual, but there is a catch with the Ashera- they may be regarded as somethingalong the lines of “the emperor’s new clothes,” in that the Ashera is not actually a breed in its ownright at all.

The cat that we know as the Ashera is in fact simply a Savannah cat, a rare and unusual breed inits own right, but not quite in the £60,000 region! The Ashera cat “breed” was “created”as something of a marketing gimmick by a firm called Lifestyle Pets, and marketed to the incredibly rich who were keento own an exclusive and highly sought-after pet.

However, DNA testing soon revealed the Ashera to simplybe a line of Savannah cats! 2.

Savannah cat, the true face of the Ashera!Savannah cats can change hands for up to £25,000, depending on the strain of Savannah cat involved.

The Savannahis produced from the cross breeding of a domestic cat with a wild African Serval.

Savannah cats that are closeto the 50:50 domestic-Serval split, such as first and second generation crosses are highly sought after,very unusual and very expensive.

Savannah cats further removed from the wild side of their ancestry by later generationalcrosses come in lower down the price scale, and generations more than five steps removed from the Servalside can sometimes be bought for under £1,000.


The Bengal cat breed is another hybrid witha wild ancestor, being the Asian leopard cat in this case.

Top quality Bengal cats with prized markings canchange hands for up to £10,000 at the top end of the scale.

While the Bengal cat is not one of the most common catbreeds you will see within the UK, there are nevertheless a significant number of them around.

The highestpriced Bengals generally come in at the top end of the price scale thanks to their appearance and markings, ratherthan due to an innate rarity or close relation to their wild relatives 4.

The Peterbald The hairless cat is a veryyoung breed, with the first examples of the Peterbald seen in St.

Petersburg in Russia in 1994, which was achievedfrom the crossing of a Sphynx cat and a Russian Shorthair cat.

The highly appealing, very friendly and sociablePeterbald not only looks unusual, but makes for a great companion cat that really enjoys the company of people.

The Peterbald’s high price tag comes about due to the rarity of the breed and the small number of Peterbald catswithin the UK, and to buy one (if you can find one offered for sale!) will set you back up to £7,000.


The Persian is one of the most popular pedigreecat breeds kept within the UK, and there is no shortage of Persian cats around! Prices for pedigree Persiancats can vary greatly, ranging from under £1,000 up to £6,000 or more at the top end of the scale.

The mosthighly prized Persian cats are the ones that are considered to be the absolute pinnacle of the breed standard, withan absolutely textbook appearance, colour and temperament.

Just as the sale price of the Persian catcan vary widely, so can the perceived show quality of the cat.

So while Persians at the top end of the scale may costmore than the average second hand car, if you are not overly fussed about the show quality of your cat, buyinga companion Persian won’t break the bank.