This is a video that is about painting my brother’s house and it is also about his cats
This Is A Video That Is About Painting My Brothers House And It Is Also About His Cats

This is a video that is about painting my brother’s house and it is also about his cats

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This is a video that is about painting my brother’s house and it is also about his cats
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So we're at my brother's house now and we're going to help him paint this room.

Although first have to finish patching everything.

I don't know if you can tell the difference with this lighting.

Can you see how many patches there all are on this wall? Like here? There were so many holes in these walls! Jun's been sanding them down.

I think Yeah, that one's about flat.

Hi This is not the owner of the house, but he lives here.

All right, we got to go get the paint.

It's off to Home Depot.

Ready?Let's move.

There are like thirty holes in this one room.

It's ridiculous.

My glove's not on tight enough.

I have to patch all these holes.

June's already sanded most of the other ones down, and then we'll be able to start painting really soon~ This is a broom handle This is a broom handle that somehow was able to screw into this How amazing is that Makes it so much quicker.

Daniel, calm down You're out of control What are you doing? I don't think that's how you paint It's super effective I don't think you're doing it right.


I'm pretty sure I'm doing the best this brush can do it.

If I only needed to get one gallon I'm gonna be upset.

Can't you take-oh, no you can't take it back.

Not refundable.

I don't think we'll need more than one gallon Well, Andrew's paying for it, not me.

Now he's going to want to paint the downstairs this color too.

You get too much extra paint.

That's probably true I painted over the socket You painted over the socket? A little bit You didn't even do up here.

You couldn't do any of this? I'm not there yet, I'm on this wall What do you mean you're not there yet? You should've did this after you were done with that wall I'm busy You're joking around.

You're out of control.

You're a loose cannon on the edge.

I can paint however I want So we're painting the ceiling Daniel painted it once but because it's got like all these little cracks in it It was hard to get into the old spots, and it's really difficult to tell which spots haven't been painted yet.

Like come here, can you see this? This spot right above my hand? You can't tell unless you shine an LED light on it, Now it's noticeable.

See how much more noticeable that is? Can' you tell? No? Not really Okay So you can see here.

There's a spot where wasn't painted all the way through, But, it's kind- Why are you not focussing well? But it's kind of hard to tell.

Where the spots like this are.

This one's okay, but there are a lot of little spots.

They're really hard to tell unless Unless you shine an LED light on it.

Then it's really easy to spot So what I did was I taped an LED light to the broom stick, that- That twists into my paint roller and now I have a tactical paint roller, and I can easily tell where every spot is It's genius It works so well Life hack Yes It's going to save me so much time It's Brilliant.

It's Brilliant.

Patented 2017 Rachel, taping an LED light on a broom stick No-one else can do this idea.

I'm just kidding, everyone can do it.

Fixed it You're not a very good actor Two-handed, Okay, Step one Goes over your shoulder, You look like a lumberjack from here.

Well today, you're going to be the lumberjack and as you're going in the air, your hand kind of slides down Like that, okay? So, it's basically just use your axe and try to get the most momentum in it That's right And every time you bring it down Bring it up like that, then Okay Where did you learn your axe techniques? Maybe papa? Oh, he made me do a lot of chopping? And digging trenches.

Oh, he never made me dig or chop anything Yeah, you were his favorite.

Kitties~ Hi! Runaway, runaway, runaway.

look at your fluffy little faces.

Oh, Andrew.

I bought you a furminator A what? It's coming on Friday Oh, a brush? Yeah, the fancy brush Yo! You're gonna be so- Their kind- It's for the fur They're not gonna shed.

What do you think a furminator is? What does it sound like? It's a fur terminator Well, I like them having fur.

and yeah, yeah, it's gonna get rid of all of their fur Luna~ hi~ Hi oh~ what was that? What?~ You want food? You guys are so cute.

aren't chu~ You're falling asleep~ So we're at my brother's house today, to do more work The painting is not all done, but he doesn't have the rest of the paint we need.

Couldn't sleep last night cause I took nap yesterday.

I've had half a large coffee But all that did was make me not fall asleep It has not improved my brain function Jun's going to be operating the axe today.

Maybe I'll help operate it a little bit Rachel I'm gonna use the shovel Yes, Jun Come see this It's our kitties~ Oh, they're sleeping~ It's our kitties~ Have fun at work.

Oh, it's all three of them Aren't they just cuties~ This is live.

This is amazing.

We got a- a pet cam We got a pet- Oh, wait, wait Wait, I must put my shoes on We got a pet cam- woa.

can you hold this while- I put my shoes on.

I haven't worn my shoes yet.

I know but I got to tie my shoelaces I don't know know how guys is just like- don't tie their shoelaces I don't tie my shoelaces Yeah, I know.

I said I don't know how guys never tie their shoelaces My shoes are probably bigger than my feet actually are.

I just- slip them on and- Then why don't they fall off your feet? Because- they don't? Why would my shoes fall off my feet? 'Cause? Look at my new shoes Should I stop recording?It's, okay.

I got to go through the garage so I can get the shovel because we got to dig that root out some more.

This is one room I painted.

I the painted the ceiling and the walls I did all of it myself No one I helped me It took me all day Garage time.

Okay Shovellin' time~ Here is the root This is a very large root for- For sizing comparisons It's a giant root.

There was no tree attached there was no tree here I don't know what happened to the tree.

Well I guess someone took it out a long time ago Never did anything about the root so we got to dig it out, and then Jun's good chop it up with an axe Yeah Good thing it not sunny out.

Oh yeah, I got sunscreen.

I'm like fully prepared with sunscreen today.

You have sunscreen I can borrow? I do not have a sunscreen I think there's some in my purse actually Jun you can go- while I'm shoveling you can go put that on all right cause it takes 20 minutes to Set up The kitties found a bug Do you guys still see it? Where'd it go? Make sure you call it her chew toy.

We're trying to get her-Chew toy~ chew toy~ – to respond to that I can't film this and play with her at the same time oh my God, you got it~ you want to play more? you're so cute~ You want to play more don't you? I'm sorry.

I got no sleep, I have no energy Daniel will play with you Daniel will play with you Daniel will play with you Tacos~ Tacos~ You just waiting? You just gonna wait?.

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