This + That: Cats & Hats
This That Cats Hats

This + That: Cats & Hats

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This + That: Cats & Hats
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Now let's talk about a companythat always plays well, PetSmart.

By now you have probably heardthat I partnered with my friends at PetSmart to createmy ED by Ellen pet line.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> And I have this cute stuff, little things.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> Anyway, all of my adorable products are availableexclusively at PetSmart and petsmart.


And right now it's time for a special pet edition of thissegment called this + that.

Today's this is cats andtoday's that is hat.

So please enjoy cats + hats.

[MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] All right.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I want all of you to go out and shop my new ED by Ellen pet line so you are all going to go homewith at $250 PetSmart gift card.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> Bring it up.