Top 10 Most Intelligent Cats in the World
Top 10 Most Intelligent Cats In The World

Top 10 Most Intelligent Cats in the World

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Top 10 Most Intelligent Cats in the World
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10 Most Intelligent Cats Cats are good at figuring things out for themselves,especially the cats on this list of the smartest cat breeds in the world.

They are naturally curious, great explorers,and good at making a toy out of anything.

Cats are able to entertain themselves, andthey’re great at finding out how to get to new places.

If you’re not careful, your cat might outsmartyou sometimes.

Check out the following 10 most intelligentcat breeds…you may be surprised at which ones made the list.

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Siamese CatKnown for their beautiful markings and talkative attitude, the Siamese is more than just achatty beauty.

The cats of Lady and the Tramp fame love totalk.

Siamese Cats are loud, and they’re happiestwhen you chat with them.

The Siamese is glad to follow you around andwatch what you’re up to with an inquisitive eye, all the while being social and talkative.

Being smart, Siamese Cats get bored if theirbrains aren’t stimulated.

Keeping this feline busy is a must, as a boredSiamese will find ways to amuse itself – a roll of toilet paper makes a fun streameracross the entire room.


Burmese CatThese beautiful sleek felines were once kept by priests in the temples of Burma, but havenow made their way all over the world The Siamese is the ancestor of the Burmese,and they definitely inherited their forbear's intelligence.

The Burmese also love to talk, but they aren’tas loud as the Siamese.

Burmese Cats get attached to humans, so it’sbest not to leave them alone.

But they will be happy with another cat ora dog.

They are known for their energetic and talkativepersonality, as well as their ability to figure things out.

For these reasons, the Burmese does well withinteractive toys and can be taught tricks like roll over, wave, sit and come.

In addition, many owners of this breed havebeen able to indulge in a game of fetch or even a leashed walk with their Burmese.


SavannahSavannah cats are part African Serval, which gives them a unique sense of adventure.

You just might come home one day and findthem perched on top of your refrigerator! The Savannah cat has a high level of socialsmarts, as they know when you need to spend time with your friends and family and aremore than willing to recede into the background when necessary.

They also love to go on walks with more activeowners.


Scottish FoldThe flattened ears of the Scottish Fold may give this cat the appearance of being angry,but it is all show.

This feline enjoys being around its ownersand is extremely intelligent.

Scottish Fold Cats will join you to watchmovies or television and will pay attention to what’s on the screen.

Scottish Fold Cats love to learn tricks, andthey will expect you to play with them at length.

Because of their need to be with human companions,it’s not best to leave them alone for too long.

Scottish Folds prefer toys that keep themagile or puzzle toys that test their intelligence.


AbyssinianIf the best way to learn is to play, these cats are some of the best learners around.

They’re one of the breeds that can actuallylearn to play fetch with small objects and will love doing it.

The brainy-Aby is as smart as it is quick.

It takes pleasure in keeping its owners ontheir toes with feats of agility, high jumping and the learning of new tricks.

For these reasons, the Abyssinian needs tobe mentally stimulated with a variety of toys.

This breed is best in an active householdthat will give it the exercise and mental workout it craves.


Turkish VanLike the Abyssinian, the Turkish Van loves to climb, but they aren’t very graceful.

They’re big and clumsy by cat standardsand tend to knock things over, sometimes on purpose just to see what happens.

As the name suggests, this breed of cat wasthought to originate in the Lake Van area of Turkey.

It is a very active cat even into its adultyears, however, its larger size can make it a bit clumsy at times.

The Turkish Van is also noted for its abilityto learn tricks, play fetch and to pounce and prey.

Owners of this breed also suggest leavingyour toilet lids down, as it enjoys a good splash in the water.


BengalThese leopard-like beauties are highly sought-after.

A British woman paid over $50,000 for a BengalCat in 1990, and with their intelligence, personality, and looks, it’s no wonder.

This cat is very intelligent but needs intellectualstimulation.

It loves to play in the water, so you mayfind it fishing in the aquarium or an outdoor pond, which it is more than capable of withits long legs and slender toes.

Nothing gets past the Bengal’s attentionor stealthy hunting abilities, so be prepared to have some great times with this fun-lovingcat.


Cornish RexThe Cornish Rex has it all, good looks, personality, charm and also a “sense of humor.

” It is more dog-like in nature and enjoys beingyour constant companion.

If you want to hide something from the CornishRex, make sure you do it when they’re not looking, as they’ll easily be able to figureout a way to retrieve it.

Speaking of retrieving, Cornish Rex Cats aregreat at retrieving toys and playing fetch.

They’re very quick and able to move aroundcorners easily.

It will amaze your guests with its clownishbehavior and intelligent nature.

Be prepared to be entertained with a CornishRex in your life.


TonkineseThe results of the pairing of a Siamese and Burmese, the Tonkinese has the slender goodlooks and happy-go-lucky personality that any cat-lover would be pleased to bring intotheir family.

Tonkinese Cats are happy to meet new peopleand are quite social.

That’s why they shouldn’t be left alonefor too long.

The good news is that Tonkinese Cats are happywith any kind of companion, whether it’s a cat of another breed or even a dog.

They’re good at dog games, too, like fetch,and will even walk on leash.

If you own a Tonkinese, you may notice itscolor is different from what you expect.

That’s because the Tonkinese will changeits fur color based on climate, as cooler areas cause the Tonkinese to produce an enzymethat darkens its fur.


SingapuraSingapura Cats may have come from the Abyssinian and the Burmese, and a DNA study found verylittle genetic difference from the Burmese.

Still, they are recognized as their own breed,and they share the intelligence of their ancestors.

The most notable difference is how tiny SingapuraCats are.

In addition to being one of the smartest catbreeds in the world, they are also the smallest cat breed in the world.

This breed has large eyes, a sepia-coloredcoat and is quite small in size; adults average around 4 to 8 pounds.

In addition to being beautiful to behold,the Singapura is also highly intelligent.

It loves to be up high, interact with itsfamily members and will welcome your guests with a friendly rub on the legs.

This breed needs to be kept busy or it maybecome boring and even depressed.