What Causes Cats To Get Urinary Tract Infections
What Causes Cats To Get Urinary Tract Infections

What Causes Cats To Get Urinary Tract Infections

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What Causes Cats To Get Urinary Tract Infections
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hi Madelaine innocent here.

Understanding what causes cats to get urinary tract infections will get you well on the way to both preventing this distressing disease as well as to heal it completely so it never returns Understanding the cause of disease is not in mainstream or even veterinary thinking.

Everyone is more concerned about treating the effects of disease so it does take a quantum leap in your mindset to start thinking about causes.

There's no point in treating the effects of disease in any chronic treatment even though it can help in an emergency.

For real deep reversal of any ill health the only way is to find out the cause of the problem and then take proactive action.

Appreciation when dealing with causes doesn't make anyone financially rich this is why it's not in mainstream thinking.

Currently the focus is all about material wealth not natural health.

As a natural health consultant I'm very much aware that every cause of disease depletes the immune system.

So it's imperative to discover the cause of any disease to return your cat to the great health that is their natural right.

When you don't it's the start of a slippery slope.

The less healthy the immune system is the more diseases WILL occur.

Not might.

WILL It may be slow but it is guaranteed.

Cats are very susceptible to all manner of renal health issues from urinary tract infections all the way to kidney failure and everything in between.

The renal area is their weak link.

It may start out by increased thirst, something few people would be concerned about.

But it is to start of problems as cats are not natural drinkers.

They should be able to get most of their liquid needs from their food.

This can't happen with dry food and despite loud protestations from the manufacturers (who are unregulated) and vets (who are bought) to the contrary, dry food is the number one cause of renal health issues in cats.

From the poor quality 'food' if you can call it that (despite the price or the retailer), to the unnatural ingredients for cats, to the chemical content, all the way to the lack of moisture.

It isn't the only cause but it is a major contributo.

R Simply stopping the feeding of this food can give your a cat many more years of life as well as saving you quite a few dollars.

But good robust cat health isn't as simple as swapping a dry food for a wet food.

Yes it can make a huge difference for your ca'st renal health, which is why you're here.

But there are problems with commercial wet cat foods too.

Appreciating what causes cats to get urinary tract infections is a great start to your awareness of naturally healthy cats.

But to continue on this journey, to get more information on this very important, subject please feel free to check out my website www.



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