What Causes Kidney Failure in Cats and Proactive Solutions
What Causes Kidney Failure In Cats And Proactive Solutions

What Causes Kidney Failure in Cats and Proactive Solutions

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What Causes Kidney Failure in Cats and Proactive Solutions
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Hi Guys Madeline innocent here.

If you know what causes kidney failure in cats you can not only prevent it happening in the first place, but you can reverse it, that is with the help of a knowledgeable holistic practitioner.

So it's an excellent question to ask but you won't get much value in asking a mainstream vets as they haven't been trained to look for causes.

So the common answers that you'll get from vets is that they don't know or that it's in the genes or they try to explain using impressive scientific reasoning that really doesn't help.

In the holistic world we think very differently.

As a homeopath, one of the major areas i always look for in any patient is the cause.

What happened before your cat started to become sick? This isn't always easy to see when you haven't been trained.

Quite often the cause creates a slow onset so the effect, in this case the kidney failure, can take months even years to manifest.

To prevent any disease,the immune system of the subject must be strong, robust and intact.

Sadly this is rarely the case with our domestic cats today.

There are three main contributions that leads to a compromised immune system, which inevitably leads to disease, any disease.

They are – diet, toxicity and genes There are but I believe these are the main contributors.

The common commercial cat food which is almost universally fed to almost every cat is not healthy nor nutritious.

It may be convenient.

Your cat may eat it.

But you only have to research each ingredient to discover the horror and the inappropriateness of these diets for cats.

And that's just the beginning.

Toxicity is everywhere and difficult to avoid.

But some areas are so overwhelming more toxic than others, they are best avoided.

Genes certainly play a part in the disease or condition any being comes down.

And the kidneys and renal system generally, are most definitely cats weak link.

But genes aren't the cause of the problem.

Genes only tell you what is likely to happen when the other areas of health are not addressed.

One of the best things you can start to do today is to limit your cat to two meals a day, rather than leaving food out all the time.

This can make a dramatic difference to their health.

In asking what causes kidney failure in cats you made a great start on your journey to wellness, so i encourage you to keep going, to keep asking.

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