White Bengal Tiger
White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

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White Bengal Tiger
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White Bengal Tiger – Do not get on a mom’s bad side.

This rare, Bengal white tiger mum has given birth to four cubs in a Crimean zoo.

This is actually very lucky for the rare breeds usually Tigers only give birth to two cubs.

This zoo keeper was delighted with the new arrivals.

A pair of white Bengal tigers produced cubs which is a big event for the Yalta Zoo.

There are four of them – three boys and one girl.

The birth of four healthy cubs is very rare for zoos.

The mother is feeding them.

We are very happy.

You may notice one of these little ones is a tad different.

He is an albino while the three others have black stripes.

The mum, whose name is Ti-gry-ulya, was given to the zoo as a gift by the former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko in 2009.

Currently, there are several hundred white tigers in captivity worldwide, with about one hundred being found in India.

The unusual white colour makes these gorgeous guys very popular in zoos.