Who Knows about Persian Cats? / کسی از گربه های ایرانی خبر دارد؟
Who Knows About Persian Cats

Who Knows about Persian Cats? / کسی از گربه های ایرانی خبر دارد؟

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Who Knows about Persian Cats? / کسی از گربه های ایرانی خبر دارد؟
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Urban living has bus from our neighbours by neighbour I mean not this neighbour I mean this neighbour there persian cats have been living with us for many years but how often do we pay attention to them? or do something for them you probably think to yourself who cares, we're so busy with our lives.

After all, they're just animals.

but these animals feel what we feel.

Try it once.

Look at them don’t ignore them notice how different they are in their personalities You may not know about what these cats go through, how they suffer.

In order to show just parts of what these cute creatures go through I've decided to pay a visit to a veterinary.

she has put her head into a fan sit down.

she is a mom of 4 Kittens she lives at my Workshop how many stitches does she have about 3 or 4 has wounded, I don't know maybe it got scratched somewhere.

oh oh she/he has got horrible teeth! The tooth should be extracted Only the tehran university's veterinary has CT scan machine and since it's a holiday, it's closed! Despite the lack of Facilities and medicines, there are committed doctors who really care about them Can you cut it? No, It’s dangerous the Wound is infected yes, it is hold on, hold on.

Let the bleeding stop then we'll eat.

t's interesting to know, all this cats were brought in to these veterinaries by people that were not indifferent to them! he was trying to get in through a broken glass door.

he got stuck, the glass cut his stomach He needs surgery he was in the kennel did you find him? one of my Colleague I think his eyes are infected the Infection covered his eyes While making this documentary, i met so many people that protect and help these animals individually.

What do you mean by protection? well, we love animals.

When I see a wounded cat, i try to help him/her.

But that's not necessarily the case with other people.

They might just walk away.

There is an animal protection committee, but they don't necessarily protect street animals! people help these street cats independently What happened to his legs? He probably got hit by a motorbike and both his legs are broken.

There is a platinum in his leg, that's why it's shaved! how much have you spent so far? I think about 1/5 to 2 million tomans here are people who commit their whole life to take care of these cute animals.

For instance this lady.

She is taking care of 35 cats at her home oh, shadone don't go out there are also people that don't buy animals.

Instead they adopt these street cat! he is more beautiful than the other streets cats, he's got such long hair.

he is a boy how was his eating habit? beside the lake of Appropriate Shelters which I assume are responsibility of Municipalities or Society for the Protection of Animal's, the biggest treat to these animals are the regular people who torture them! we have to teach our kids how to love and treat these animals properly.

we all know there are many persian cats hanging around on the streets so please be careful when you are driving.

finally, lets do our best to help them! now that you know about the persian cats, lets spread the world by sharing this video!.