Why Do Cats Hate Water?
Why Do Cats Hate Water

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

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Why Do Cats Hate Water?
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[ MUSIC ] Why do cats hate water? This isactually a myth.

Not all cats hate water.

In fact, some love it.

It all depends on experiences.

Cats that have had positive experiences with water will likely enjoy it in the future.

However, any negative experience will cause fear and aversion.

Cats are usually such selfsufficient groomers that bathing isn't necessary.

Therefore, they don't get used to the bathingprocess as young animals.

A running faucet can be scary if you're never exposed to it.

Also, some cars have a thick coat and fine bone structure.

[ INAUDIBLE ] A wet, thickcoat can weigh them down of attempting to swim.

Creating a scary experience.

For thatreason, some in the tub.

Veterinarians usuallyrecommend drinking fountains, as most cats prefer running water to stagnate bowl water.

Some cats are fascinated by water and can't resist a good fountain.

Try it with your kitty.

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