You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!
Youre Feeding Your Cat All Wrong

You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!

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You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!
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I know what catswant, cats want.

Cats want meat.

Come on, yo, let'sget cat-ified.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Let's talk about free feeding.

Come on now, people.

To feed all the time or not,the concept of free feeding.

Free feeding means leavingfood out for your cats 24/7.

It also means dolingout treats 24/7 as well.

I want to break thisdown into two places.

The first thing isphysical, and the other one is psychologicallyslash behaviorally.

Free feeding underminesthe work that we try to do.

Physically, we are playing intobetter health with these guys by not free feeding them.

They are built toeat small meals through the course of a day.

I'd say every five tosix hours is optimum.

You push it a littlebit, that's fine.

Cats are not grazers by nature.

Cats are not builtto just eat whenever.

They are built to do what? Hunt, catch, kill, and eat food.

Food is available to them afterthey do a certain activity.

If it's always there 24/7, itmesses with the raw cat brain.

You're experiencing behaviorproblems in your house.

You're asking me tobreak it down for you.

What's going on in my house? One of the first places I'lltell you to look is food.

Think about it if yourcat has litter box issues, peeing or poopingoutside the box.

If you control when they eat,you have a fighting chance to figure out when they'regoing to go to the litter box and then helping themget to the litter box.

So there's that as well.

You got to remember, folks, catsare not programmed like dogs.

Cats do not give arip about pleasing us.

So if a cat doesn'tcare about pleasing us, we have to startaddressing something they do want in orderto get what we want.


Living with cats isembracing compromise.

There are so many thingsthat we can accomplish, but only if we're feeding meals.

We can achieveincredible things.

Your homework, shouldyou choose to accept it, get your cats off thefree feeding bandwagon.

Put them on themeal time bandwagon because I got totell you, if you've got any otherquestions– Jackson, I've got a catwho dot, dot, dot.

I want to get my catto dot, dot, dot.

It starts with that.

I want to see your comments.

I want to see youguys subscribe.

I want to keep growingthis thing, man.

Facebook wise, what arewe, like, half a million strong at this point? And we want to seepictures, and we want to see videos andstories about your cats.

This is what makes thecat-ification nation.

So people, get on board.

Don't forget.

Wednesday, March 26 four o'clockPM on the west coast, seven o'clock PM on the eastcoast and wherever else you are in the world,live from the cat cave, it is a Google Hangout.

I'll answer your questions.

We'll talk about allkinds of fun stuff.

I've got a newco-host that I can't wait to introduce to you guys.

And it will be fun.

Take my word for it.

Find out more information byfollowing this link down here below.

Go to my website, YouTube page.

You'll find out more info.

Don't forget, we are also givingaway some fun stuff as well.

But you got to belive to get the prize, and you got to be liveto ask your questions.

And you get my drift, right? So I want to see you there.

The season premiereof "My Cat From Hell" on April 26, Saturday.

Please set yoursun dials for that.

It'll be a lot of fun.

This season we're in Boston,Austin, San Diego, LA.

Bang, it's been alot of fun, man.

And I want to sharethat with you guys.

So don't forget.

Leave your comments.

Leave your questions.

And join me on March 26for live from the cat cave.

Until then, folks, for Oliver,my friend the feral over there, and me, all light, all love.

Mmm, mojo to you.

Love you, guys.


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