Youtube party and Korean cats (and new boyfriend(s)! ) | KOREAN VLOG
Youtube Party And Korean Cats And New Boyfriends Korean Vlog

Youtube party and Korean cats (and new boyfriend(s)! ) | KOREAN VLOG

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Youtube party and Korean cats (and new boyfriend(s)! ) | KOREAN VLOG
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MARKO: Hello everybody welcome to this new video VINA: It's windy over here! VINA: Hello everybody welcome to this new video MARKO: That's MA THING! MARKO: So can you keep going? I mean you started already so.


I don't know what to say VINA: I never gotten this far before MARKO: As you can guess I didn't do my hair because we are going to the hair salon MARKO: And, guess what? We are late! VINA: What a surprise!MARKO: Yeah, right? MARKO: And we also have some kind of youtube party.

happy hour thing VINA: Thank you everyone for subscribing because now we can go to this party! MARKO: Yeah! WOOO! MARKO: And.

VINA: And we need to catch this train MARKO: OMG, so many ajummas! MARKO: OMG my hair though VINA: So beautiful.

VINA: Like a beautiful peacock VINA: Vina was hungry so we're having Bab Burger.

Can you explain what "Bab Burger" is? VINA: Ehm.

It's a rice burger.

VINA: But instead of a bun you have rice and you have something inside MARKO: Amazing explanation VINA: But this is my first time having this I think MARKO: Oh, so you have to press it MARKO: And now you can open it MARKO: You are hot ajumma, aren't you? You are REALLY hot MARKO: Cat cafรจ, right there! MARKO: Yes Cat cafรจ you are cute! Yes you're cute! <3 MARKO: Apparently you have to take your shoes off MARKO: Fancy.

VINA: I like that! MARKO: Do you want a "Hot Cat" an "Ice Cat" or a "Juice Cat"? MARKO: Reasons why Vina is still single : She likes cats too much VINA: No! MARKO: You love cats more than guys, don't ya? VINA: Oh, look at that! He's stuck in there! MARKO: Yeah, you do.

MARKO: Play with me! Play with me! MARKO: No, NO!.


VINA: You are so grumpy, ah? So grumpy! MARKO: Vina is trying to approach a cat VINA: Like I don't really have luck with guys and I don't really have luck with cats VINA: So I'm really wondering what I'm doing wrong with my life MARKO: Vina try to do something OH! VINA: I didn't even do anything, see?! MARKO: What is happening??? MARKO: It was supposed to rain today but it's not so I'm super happy! MARKO: We are going to meet Anna from? VINA: Persi in Corea! MARKO: Because we are going to the Youtube party together! MARKO: And I'll see you there! Oh, so sunny! VINA: If you are wondering why these are on sale everywhere VINA: Click on this link, and you will find out! VINA: And also, don't be fooled.

Don't buy it.

Just don't.

MARKO: Youtube Space Seoul! MARKO: It's in a basement apparently MARKO: Drink something! Do something! GO LUKE! MARKO: What was that?? BORA: Hey! LUKE: She's so sweet, I love her! MARKO: You love Bora? MARKO: But seriously, Bora has big boobs so that's why everyone loves Bora BORA: That's the only thing that you like about me? I feel so used! MARKO: Yap! You better feel used! BORA: I'm leaving! MARKO: Vina! You found a boyfriend apparently! He is Vina's new boyfriend MARKO: How is Vina? YOHONEY: Wow! She is so gorgeous girl! MARKO: I know, right? MARKO: No boyfriend.

Help her! MKH: Oh! You have no boyfriend? MARKO: She is desperate for a boyfriend MKH: Why not?VINA: I don't know ๐Ÿ™ MARKO: She is pretty, right? MKH: Yeah, so cute.

Why? VINA: Why? I don't know.

MKH: You don't like guys? VINA: No! I do! MARKO: Go! Go get another beer! MARKO: Let's go get another beer! MARKO: Oh.

I've a bad feeling about this vlog.

VINA: So, we all got this bag VINA: Inside the bag is.


Another bag! MARKO: Ok.

With a shirt? VINA: Nope.

And a book VINA:.

And that's it MARKO: We are in Itaewon!VINA: We are in Itaewon! VINA: They do this in Itaewon VINA: You know what just happened to me? We are going to re-inact it JOE: Why do I gotta be the.

Why do I gotta be the.

JOE: You guys are going to f*cking kill me(Marko pushed him into traffic) VINA: And I thought it was Marko so I.

I let it go! VINA: And then it was a drunk ajusshi JOE: I'm not that guy, I'm innocent MARKO: Are you sure you are not that guy? But you look like a drunken ajusshi! JOE: I'm innocent!MARKO: You do look like a drunken ajusshi though MARKO: Are you sure it's not you? JOE: F*ck your channel! MARKO: Who's sitting next to you Vina? VINA: My invisible boyfriend MARKO: What does he look like? VINA: Can't you see? JOE: I thought I was the creepy boyfriend VINA: Oh yeah! I have two now JOE: Are you cheating on me? LUKE: Oh my god what is happening.

VINA: Oh sh*t! MARKO: Hey guys so we almost forgot to shoot the ending VINA: No we did forget and Marko just came into my room and woke me up MARKO: Yup! MARKO: It was a nice day we had the chance to meet a lot of really talented people VINA: Yes I met "My Korean Husband".

Not mine but.

MARKO: Oh, the channel MARKO: And we also went to Itaewon VINA: How did we end up there? I'm not sure MARKO: Yeah I know, right? But it was fun MARKO: And now it's like 3:30.

4 a.


almost VINA: It's 4 MARKO: It's 4 a.


so we better sleep! MARKO: PizzaVINA: Carbonara MARKO: Ciao :3.